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11 Reasons Why ‘Pathaan’ Is Bollywood’s Biggest Moment At The Box Office

11 Reasons Why ‘Pathaan’ Is Bollywood’s Biggest Moment At The Box Office

Pathaan has surpassed all expectations and well—global records! Within nine days of its release, the movie has earned over Rs 700 crore worldwide becoming the highest-grossing Indian film.

Pathaan‘s massive box office collection is only one of the many aspects of its phenomenal success and heavy-duty impact. The dhamakedaar blockbuster has garnered a never-seen-before magnitude of love from fans. Pathaan is indeed Bollywood’s biggest moment yet. Here’s why we think so:

1. King-Sized Box Office Collection For King Khan

The movie crossed Rs 300 crore mark in India and earned over Rs 590 crores worldwide within a week of its release. It is going strong even in its second week with more than two lakh advance bookings and an expected rise during the weekend. The Badshah of Bollywood deserves nothing but a bumper box-office collection, right?

2. Pathaan Has Broken More Than 100 Global Records

Till date, it has broken more than 100 global records. From being the first Bollywood movie to do a 50-crore business in the country on two consecutive days to earning more than 70 crores in a day, the movie has created history and how!


3. Pathaan Came Close To Breaking Avatar 2 Record

While James Cameron’s Avatar 2 earned £2.1 million during its opening weekend in the UK, Pathaan almost matched this number with a whopping £1.9 million. It just missed toppling the Avatar sequel by a mere 0.2 million!

4. Highest Advance Booking Sales Globally On Day 1

Pathaan was off to a historic start with a worldwide opening of Rs 120 crores–way over the Baahubali franchise, RRR, and KGF!

5. Pathaan Craze Among Fans

From fans gathering outside SRK’s Mumbai residence Mannat to people dancing in the theatres world over, the movie has garnered immense love globally.  

6. Pathaan’s Success Is A Much-Needed Relief For Bollywood

Post COVID, things have been rather thanda at the box office. Barring a few movies like Bhool Bhulaiya 2, Juggjugg Jiyo, Drishyam 2, (and shockingly even Brahmastra!), there were hardly any hits that could pull the audience to the theatres. But it seems like achche din are here and Bollywood’s dry run at cinema halls is finally over. 


7. VFX Effects That Can Give The Bond Series A Run For Its Money

From gravity-defying stunts to power-packed fights, Pathaan’s action sequences left the audience shook. Yash Raj’s heavy-duty investment in world class VFX effects paid off and gave us our very own Bond-level movie to cherish.

8. Pathaan Has Reunited Bollywood 

Pathaan brought back two of the biggest stars–Salman and SRK on screen. Its success was celebrated not just by the team but by fellow actors, producers, and members of the film fraternity. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Pathaan has become the glue that’s bringing Bollywood back together.

9. Critics Have Accepted It Despite Its Flaws

TBH, Pathaan defies logic in most scenes. But despite that, it has garnered appreciation from the critics, who simply accepted the movie for the love of SRK. 

10. More Avenues For Directors To Exercise Creativity

Pathaan’s out-of-the-box, incredible action scenes have been a major hit with the audience. Their acceptance has opened avenues for writers and directors to exercise full creative freedom fearlessly. We can’t wait to watch more action-packed dramas! 


11. Breaking Stereotypes

Usually, when actresses are cast opposite big movie stars, their role is limited to being a love interest for the hero. However, Deepika’s stint in Pathaan is proof that female protagonists can have a meaty role even in action-driven commercial masala movies. Thankfully, DP wasn’t just a pawn, but the real mastermind in the plot!

Pathaan is definitely the blockbuster that both Bollywood and Shah Rukh Khan needed at the box office. It will forever be remembered as one of the biggest moments in the history of the film industry. Here’s hoping for more SRK biggies this year.

 Featured Image: Twitter

31 Jan 2023

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