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82 Years In Business, Parle-G Records Best Sales During Lockdown Proving ‘G’ Maane Genius!

82 Years In Business, Parle-G Records Best Sales During Lockdown Proving ‘G’ Maane Genius!

If there’s one thing common between our generation and our parents’ and our grandparents’, besides DNA, it’s Parle-G. The boss biscuit has a permanent address at the kitchen shelves of many households in India for over 80 years now (and counting). Chai is incomplete without it, dogs love it too, you’ll find it in any corner of the country from the mountains to a tiny tea stall in the middle of nowhere! Basically, it’s the perfect comfort food and I, among many others, can vouch for that. In fact, it’s not just a biscuit, it’s an emotion. And apparently, we have been feeling this emotion a little extra these past few months.

According to reports confirmed by the makers of Parle-G, the brand has recorded its highest sales ever in its eight decades of business in the months of March, April and May during the lockdown. Clearly, ‘G’ still maane genius!

During the lockdown, Parle-G became the comfort food for many; and for several others, it was the only food they had on them. This is a common man’s biscuit; people who cannot afford bread – buy Parle-G,” Mayank Shah, category head at Parle Products, said in an interview with Economic Times. “We have grown our overall market share by nearly 5%… And 80-90% of this growth has come from Parle-G sales. This is unprecedented,” he further said explaining how several NGOs bought “humongous quantities” of the biscuit to stock during the pandemic. After all, it’s easily available, super affordable, and delicious too!

Fortunately, they got their operations running within a very short period after the nationwide lockdown was announced on March 24. “We were lucky to have restarted production from March 25 onwards,” added Shah.

Naturally, netizens came out in celebration of the news with hilarious memes and sweet memories from their childhood. And Parle-G was humble as ever in their response. Not to mention very current with the trends. Check it out!

Sacred Games? More Like Sacred Biscuit

Best Love Story Ever!

Chaand Ka Toh Din Ban Gaya Aaj

What A Meme, Sir G!

Here are some more memes around #ParleG that will make your day!

BRB! Gotta order some more Parle-G online!

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10 Jun 2020

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