7 Makeup Looks That Pay Homage To 2022’s Pantone Colour Of The Year

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Dec 10, 2021
7 Makeup Looks That Pay Homage To 2022’s Pantone Colour Of The Year


2021 is finally coming to an end. And so to bring in 2022, Pantone has revealed the colour of the year–Very Peri. The shade is described as the happiest and warmest of all the blue hues. Featuring a muted periwinkle blue shade enlivened by violet and red undertones, Very Peri is a magical hue that gives off a sense of whimsy. The colour almost looks multifaceted and can appear to be a bluish lavender one moment and an oceanic blue the next. We are in love with this new shade and we can’t wait to rock these hues through makeup. Here are some Very Peri makeup looks to get you inspired to do the same.

Makeup Looks Using Very Peri, The Pantone Colour Of The Year For 2022

Flower Meadow

This gorgeous Very Peri makeup look features the hue on the lids alongside violet eyeshadow on the crease. Her blush is a soft rose red shade while her lip gloss has a mauve tint to it.

Twilight Vision

Here we see the true blue hues of the Very Peri colour put on display through a gorgeous eye makeup look. A dusty blue shade is blended all over and is emphasized with shimmer on the inner corners. The blue eyeliner further brings out the colour while the red shade applied above the inner corners and crease makes a stellar contrast to make the look vivid.

Peri Perfect

A gorgeous representation of how Very Peri eyeshadow can make a statement all by itself. In this look a periwinkle shimmer blue eyeshadow dresses the lids while a class winged line is applied to the lash line. The skin is high on that glow effect while her lips feature a dusty rose nude lipstick.

Halo Periwinkle

What a great idea it is to pair flower hues like periwinkle and pink with the halo eyeshadow trend. Here we see the Very Peri shade all over the lids and lash lines and then a halo effect is created with a pretty pink shimmer eyeshadow applied on the centre of the lids to create the halo effect.

Fairy Dust

Very Peri is a dusty blue hue and so a smokey effect would look wonderful with the shade. Here’s some inspo on getting smokey Very Peri eyelids that look so chic and perfect for the winter season.

Winning Line

The colour of 2022 also looks great as a kohl liner for ultra-glamm makeup looks. Here we see celebrity Eva Longoria rock the hue on her lower lash lines while her lids feature a sparkly silver eyeshadow and black smokey eyeliner.

In Bloom

The shade by itself is a stunner and you can go for a velvety matte and opaque eyeshadow effect on your lids that perfectly reflects the beauty of periwinkle flowers. Keep your lips drenched in a coral rose lip gloss. We can’t wait to try this makeup look on ourselves.

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Experiment with Very Peri makeup and fall in love with the colour once again.

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