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Make Her Day: 8 Little But Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will *Seriously* Appreciate

Make Her Day: 8 Little But Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will *Seriously* Appreciate

Each mother is a gem in her own way. The comfort of her arms is enough to make you forget your worries and her voice can brighten up your worst days. She gives you more love, joy and peace than anyone else in the world without expecting anything in return – unconditionally and selflessly. She’s your soul healer, your closest confidante and mostly, she’s the voice in your head that motivates you to become the best version of yourself.

I know you love her to bits but sadly, if you’re a doofus like me who forgets to appreciate her existence from time to time, run towards her RIGHT NOW and indulge in a long, tight hug. For a mother who sacrificed so much to make you the person who you are today, she deserves something extremely special. Something beyond fancy earrings or an expensive dress but instead, deep and meaningful.

So, this Mother’s Day, go ahead and pamper your mommy dearest with 8 of these appreciation gifts  with oodles of love and care, and make her feel like a queen – not just today, but every single day.

1. For The One Who Carries Too Much Of A Burden



Whether it’s a trip to a grocery store, a relaxing vacation or just a long day at work – this super adorable, Chill Pills Tote Bag (Rs 599) will be the perfect travel companion for all her trips to carry everything essential. And if you’ve been the kind to constantly tell your mom to ‘take a chill-pill’ every time she overreacts over something – this bag will remind her to do so even when you’re not around. *wink*

Do A Little Extra – When was the last time you went shopping with her? Even to a nearby store to buy a few groceries? Surprise her by volunteering to do so yourself and see that beautiful smile grow wider. In fact, spend a whole day with her – watch a movie, go to a salon or eat out in a nice restaurant. Trust me. This day will be worth remembering! 

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2. For The One Who Deserves To Be Pampered



Look around you. Your mom built this beautiful little heaven that you call home. She worked hard in providing you with the best of comforts and treated you like a princess. Don’t you think she deserves a space that smells just as warm and wonderful as she is? This charming Scented Round Pillar Candle Set Of 3 (Rs 1,299) with fragrances of lavender, lemon and jasmine will fill your house with a beautiful aroma and help her relax in the middle of a day or after a long day from work.

Do A Little Extra – For someone as hardworking as her, she deserves to be pampered like royalty. Instead of taking her to a salon, create an enchanting, spa-like experience at home itself. Decorate her room with these exotic scented candles, dim the lights and make her lie down, comfortably, on the bed. As she unwinds and relaxes, give her a nice head/body/shoulder massage with hot oil and let her achieve a state of zen with Asian tunes in the background and the fragrance of the candles uplifting her senses.

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3. For The One Who’s Your Best Friend



There’s nothing more comforting than sitting with your mom after a long day at work or early in the morning with a steaming cup of chai or coffee and venting out your worries or your heart’s deepest desires. People may come and go, but nobody can prove to be a better best friend to you than your own sweet mother. If you feel the same way, this Veere Forever Mug (Rs 499) will be perfect gift idea for your mom to show that she’s the only ‘Veere’ you need in your life – forever.

Do A Little Extra – Make her a cup of tea/coffee yourself and serve it with her favourite cookies. Catch up on everything that you – in the busyness of your daily routine – may have missed out on and ask her how she’s been doing lately. To reminisce some good ol’ times, you can always bring out your old family or childhood albums for a trip down memory lane.

4. For The One Who Loves A Colourful Home


There’s no denying that your mom is the REAL artist of your beautiful house. In fact, she’s the one who turns your house into a home – every single day. So why not gift her something that’ll elevate the beauty of your home even more? This Home Cushion Cover Set Of 4 (Rs 1.999) is perfect for those moms who love decorating their space with bright colours and quirky elements. It will add just the right amount of desi-ness to your couches or bed and make your home sparkle more with this vibrant design.


Do A Little Extra – Surprise your mom by re-decorating her room or any other space of your house with these colourful cushions. And just alongside it, place a gorgeous little bouquet of flowers with a little note, expressing how much you appreciate the little things she does for you (even as small as changing your bedding or making your home look like heaven) every single day.

5. For The One Who’s A Masterchef Of Your Home


This unique gift is something that every mom will adore, undoubtedly. Mom’s Kitchen Chalkboard (Rs 699) is a quirky little board that’ll help your mom jot down everything – from the groceries that need to be brought, the dishes that need to be cooked or just simply those important things that are likely to be forgotten. Apart from being a fabulous kitchen decor, this helpful tool will finally end the timeless question, “Mom, what’s for dinner?”. From now onward, all you need to do is read the menu board instead of disturbing the ‘master at work’.

Do A Little Extra – Use this little blackboard in a more special way. Write an inspiring quote or the qualities of your mother that you totally adore on it and let this be the first thing that she sees, every morning, as she enters the kitchen. You can even mention the choices that she’d love indulging on the days she won’t be allowed to cook – for even the Chef deserves a break, every now and then.


6. For The One Who Needs To Rest & Enjoy


How many times have we seen your mom work way too hard and exert themselves continuously without taking a break? Innumerable times, I’m sure. So, for those mothers who can’t seem to put their body or mind to rest – this unique Mermaid Tail Blanket (Rs 2,199) will provide the kind of guilty pleasure they won’t be able to resist. Let your mom wrap herself up in this warm and cosy, yarn-knitted blanket and indulge in its everlasting softness. Whether she’s reading a book or lying down on the bed, watching television or simply taking a nap, this colourful bundle of joy will never leave her side.

Do A Little Extra – When was the last time you watched a movie of your mom’s choice? Switch on her favourite classic movie and surprise her with this stunning blanket. Sit cosied in her arms while eating popcorn and immerse yourself in a world of classic Bollywood magic. This way, not only does she get to explore your gift but some of her favourite childhood memories too.

7. For The One Who Should Be Reminded Of Her ‘Wonder’



Try telling your mom if she’ll have some guests over by the evening and within a few hours, you’ll see your house brimming with flavourful aromas and your kitchen stacked with scrumptious dishes. And THIS, coupled with everything else that she aces so effortlessly in her daily life. Doesn’t that make her a real-life wonder woman? Show her that it does by gifting her this cool and funky, Wonder Woman Apron (Rs 599) that’s funny and special in its own way. Let it be a constant reminder of her wonderful abilities to make us laugh, smile, love and EAT (even when we’re not so hungry. Hehe).

Do A Little Extra – Our wonder-woman never fails to make us something amazing and fill our tummies with oodles of love and flavourful goodness. So, it’s about time we make her take a break from the kitchen routine and feed her like a queen that she is. Take some help from your dad or siblings and cook her something that you know she’ll love. And keep feeding until ‘pet bhar jaaye magar neeyat nahi’.

8. For The One Who NEEDS To Relax & Unwind


Who doesn’t love indulging in a therapeutic massage after a bone cracking day at work or taking care of the house all day? This Golf Ball Massage Hammer (Rs 299) is a perfect little gift for all mothers who need to learn to put themselves first instead of enduring the pain – all the time. This compact and portable, muscle-pain reliever includes a soft, golf ball-shaped hammer massager to help your mom reach any part of her body and release every sort of tension or muscle-pain within just a few minutes. If done regularly, it also allows the muscles to become stronger, thereby creating more flexible movements.


Do A Little Extra – Put on some relaxing music and let her indulge in this one-of-a-kind, super-effective muscle therapy in the comforts of your home. Help her reach the places on her body where she might not be able to do so herself and say goodbye to every possible stress, tension or pain like a pro!

So, what are you planning to surprise your mom with?

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