6 Bedtime Styling Tricks To Wake Up To PERFECT Hair!!

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  May 5, 2016
6 Bedtime Styling Tricks To Wake Up To PERFECT Hair!!


We all have those days when we want to do absolutely nothing after a hectic day but lay back in front of the TV till we can’t keep our eyes open. Ok, we admit it, we have those days pretty much all the time! Styling and doing the whole blow dry routine after a long day is the last thing we want to do and can barely muster enough energy for it (nor do we want to wake up early for it!). Which is why we have just the tips for you.

Get These Hairstyles Overnight

These overnight hairstyles will help you wake up to glam-looking hair and save you oodles of time in the AM. Well, you can even afford to snooze your alarm a few more times now. Just wake up to fab hair and run. Good morning, gorgeous!

1. Bombshell Volume

bomshell volume overnight hairstyles

Is your hair fine? Does it look too flat and limp more often than not? Then you may want to try this at bedtime tonight. Spritz a good volumizing spray on damp hair before pulling it into a high ponytail on top of your crown. Loosely wind the ends around it to create a loose high bun and secure it in place with a few bobby pins or a big clip. In the morning let your hair down and use your fingers to comb through your to-die-for volume. Don’t use a brush as that will cause frizziness. Also, remember not to make a too-tight bun with damp hair to avoid hair breakage.

2. Beachy Waves For Straight Hair

straight hair waves overnight hairstyles

The problem with straight hair is that it doesn’t hold waves for long and second-day hair tends to look limp and boring. Revive your look without having to wash your hair. Just mist your strands with water so they’re a bit damp and then create 4 braids – 2 in the front and 2 in the back. Pin them up and hit the sack. The next morning let them loose and rock your beach-babe texture. Four braids are a good idea as they create uniform waves across your whole head.

Image Source: Sonakshi Sinha on Instagram

3. Loose Retro Waves

retro waves overnight hairstyles

Want to look like a vintage vixen? Try these classic pin curls for this glam, red-carpet look. Apply a texturizing cream on damp hair and then create a deep side part. Take a 2-inch section of hair in the front, wrap it a few times around 2 fingers, then slide your fingers out while holding the curl with your other hand and pin it to your head. Do this with 2-inch sections all across your head till all your hair is pinned. You may want to use 2 bobby pins instead of 1 to make sure they hold your curls in place while you twist and turn all night. In the morning take out all the pins and brush your hair with a boar-bristle brush till they look like loose, retro waves.

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4. Add Bounce To Long Hair

bounce to long hair overnight hairstyles

If you have long hair you know that it can look a tad boring at times and sleep on it just makes it look limp and super lackluster. Try this easy hair hack for gorgeous volume, bounce and texture in the morning. Spritz some dry shampoo into your roots before climbing into bed. It will retain volume as you sleep and will really work into your strands as you toss and turn. Pull your locks into a super high ponytail that isn’t too tight. Then, divide your ponytail in two and twist them around each other till you reach the ends and secure at the bottom with an elastic before winding it around the base of your ponytail into a bun and pinning in place. Now you’re ready for bed. When you wake up, just let the bun loose and shake your head. Hello, sexy hair!

Image Source: Malaika Arora on Instagram

5. Curls Minus The Frizz

curls overnight hairstyles

Any curly-haired girl would know that you just cannot predict what your hair will look like when you wake up. Sleeping basically flattens your kinks in some places while adding extra poufiness in other parts. What you should do is practice plopping. Basically, when your hair is wet, flip your head over and pile all your hair on top of your head before wrapping it in a microfiber towel or even a cotton t-shirt. Hit the sheets with your curls safely wrapped in it and wake up to perfectly defined kinks. Bye bye, frizz!

6. Sex Bomb Waves

sex bomb waves overnight hairstyles

For those oh-so-sexy tousled waves, braids are pretty much the best bet. One big braid, two pigtails, three or even fishtail braids – do them on damp hair and wake up ready to grab attention with your bed head. The tighter the braids, the tighter the waves.

Image Source: Namrata Soni on Instagram

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