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8 Gorgeous Mandap Pictures To Show To Your Wedding Planner!

8 Gorgeous Mandap Pictures To Show To Your Wedding Planner!

As brides-to-be we sometimes pay just a little too much attention to the wedding stage, the table centerpieces, the venue entry but totally ignore the mandap decor. It’s left to the decorwallah to do the standard job he does with every mandap. But girls, the mandap is where the real wedding takes place! And it’s the one place you’ll get the real memorable pictures – putting on the mangalsutra and sindoor, getting up to take your first phera and both your parents blessing you. And to get you started, we’ve got you the prettiest mandap decor designs that you must show to your decorator!


1. The colour of love


A photo posted by The Bridal Box (@thebridalboxtbb) on Oct 20, 2015 at 9:38pm PDT

That’s a mandap surrounded by water! Eye popping pink and red drapes coupled with colourful flowers looks just perfect for your morning pheras. We love the yellow chairs and marigold petals floating in the water. This is one color scheme you can never go wrong with!

2. Floral paradise



A photo posted by Rani pink (@ranipinklove) on Dec 18, 2015 at 10:31am PST

The vedi is done up with gorgeous pink roses and hydrangeas. We love the overdose of green petals in the poles and the dome style structure of the mandap. If it looks like this in pictures, we can only imagine how fab it would be in real life!

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3. A thousand glass bells


A photo posted by Devika Narain (@naraindevika) on Apr 22, 2015 at 12:17am PDT

Yup, wedding designer Devika Narain describes it as her favourite mandap! The ceiling was made of a thousand glass bells, each of which was handmade and interwoven with strings of jasmine.

4. Rustic and romantic


This is the beach-side mandap we all want for our wedding! Very minimalistic, it’s something I thought was only possible in the movies! The pretty white drapes and the rustic bunches of flowers look absolutely stunning against the serene blue sky.

5. Temple calling


A photo posted by Devika Narain (@naraindevika) on Apr 3, 2015 at 10:07pm PDT

Inspired by the Balaji temple, the mandap features a royal temple structure. We adore the curtains made out of jasmine strings and the orange/pink chairs that add just the right amount of colour to this royal setup. new_in_story_banner_500px_480

6. Enchanted forest


Thousands of lush florals were used to create this enchanting white and green mandap. And while we want to say a lot more, let’s keep happy by staring at it for just some more time!

7. Candy floss!


A photo posted by Devika Narain (@naraindevika) on Dec 25, 2015 at 7:15pm PST

Yet another exotic looking beachside vedi that we are in love with! Candy pink and orange drapes, cushions and chairs to match and gorgeous chandeliers at the top! The colourful flowers that line the structure are absolutely breathtaking.

8. Genda phool!


The one flower that’ll always make any wedding decor look pretty is the genda phool. Generous amounts of traditional marigold strings coupled with pink drapes is a sure shot way of getting stunning pictures at your pheras! HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Floral Decor Ideas You’d LOVE For Your Wedding! MUST-READ: Wedding Card Ideas?! Check Out These Gorgeous Invites!

05 May 2016

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