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11 Stunning Wedding Mandap Decoration To Inspire Your Wedding Decor!


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When it comes to your big day, there are tons of details to think about and the decor is a big, big detail! Imagine walking towards the moment that will take you from Miss to Mrs - you want it to be nothing short of a dream come true, right?! As such, we have gathered 11 stunning and unique wedding mandap decoration designs that will surely inspire you and get you one step closer to your dreamy happily ever after!

Mandap Decoration 1. Contrast With The Ocean

1 wedding mandap designs

Image: Devika Narain on Instagram

No matter how fancy themes get; there really is no wedding mandap decoration design which is as gorgeous as a beach wedding with flowers and cushions in contrasting colors with the ocean. 

Mandap Decoration 2. The Flower Power Mandap

2 wedding mandap designs

Image: VIP Decorating on Instagram

This stunning wedding mandap decoration design kind of looks like a floral photo frame and makes for a super beautiful setting for the lucky lovebirds under it! 

Mandap Decoration 3. The Palm Tree Effect

3 wedding mandap designs

Image: Devika Narain on Instagram

Having a destination wedding? This is a beautifull and unique wedding mandap decoration design that would work well in a tropical destination! 

Mandap Decoration 4. The Rustic Forest

4 wedding mandap designs

Image: Rishtaa Weddings on Instagram

This wedding mandap decoration design is for those who want their love to be as wild and free as they are! 

Mandap Decoration 5. The Drapes of Dreams

5 wedding mandap designs

Image: Eventfully Yours Designs on Instagram

A grand but traditional wedding mandap decoration design like this is bound to sweep you and your guests off their feet! 

Mandap Decoration 6. The Romantic Showstopper

6 wedding mandap designs

Image: F5 Weddings on Instagram

A pretty mandap decoration like this under the blue sky will take everyone's breath away!

Mandap Decoration 7. The Chandelier Mandap

7 wedding mandap designs

Image: Prashe on Instagram

A stunning flower design around a grand chandelier arranged in the center creates a gorgeous focal point for your wedding mandap decoration design.

Mandap Decoration 8. The Pretty But Subtle One

8 wedding mandap designs

Image: VIP Decorating on Instagram

Not everything about a wedding needs to be OTT. If you have a location that says everything - then go for an understated mandap to give it even more of a wow effect! 

Mandap Decoration 9. The Pillars Of Love

9 wedding mandap designs

Image: Dukeimages on Instagram

How stunning is this design?! A pillared archway decorated with flowers against a green backdrop will definitely help you have your fairytale moment.

Mandap Decoration 10. The Floating Mandap

10 wedding mandap designs

Image: Tinselfete on Instagram

An evening ceremony with a floating wedding mandap decoration, flowers and the romantic glow of lots and lots of candles while your guests are seated around the pool? It’s a shaadi that no one will forget! 

Mandap Decoration 11. The Secret Garden

11 wedding mandap designs

Image: Rani Pink on Instagram

Make your dreams come to life with this magical design!

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Published on Nov 18, 2016
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