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Quick Fix! 1 Minute Makeovers That Will Change Your Makeup Game

Quick Fix! 1 Minute Makeovers That Will Change Your Makeup Game




The lockdown is the perfect time to learn a new skill. Whether it’s trying out a new hairstyle or brushing up your makeup skills, time is on your side. Just imagine that when this lockdown ends and you’ll live life in full swing, you’ll be prepared for it. Quick and easy one-minute makeovers will not only help you save you time but also make you look great in a pinch!

Easy 1 Minute Beauty Makeovers That Will Change Your Makeup Game Forever


Hope you’re taking notes, missy! 

1. All Eyes On The Lips


You want ’em fuller lips sans the fillers? You got it, sista! Dab on a little concealer, apply a layer of bright lipstick and for the finishing touch, coat your pout with lip gloss. The concealer not only helps the lipstick colour to pop but also gives one the illusion of fuller lips.

Star of the show: Concealer

2. Eyes Wide Open


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You didn’t get a good night’s rest? Your undereye area tells no lie. Don’t reach out for your shades just yet, fix the issue by apply brightening concealer under your eyes and blend well. Add shimmer to your lids and coat your lashes with mascara. Finish the look by applying white eyeliner to the waterline to make your eyes look wide awake! Each of these steps takes only 10 seconds and can be easily wrapped up in a minute.

Star of the show: White eyeliner

3. Brows That Slay

Eyebrows are an underrated beauty feature. Little does one know that they have the power to make or break the look! If groomed to perfection, they can fetch you plenty of compliments. To make them stand out, tweeze or shave the area above and below the brow. You don’t want any stray hair to show. Apply concealer around the brows and blend well. Now, use a brow pencil to fill in the brows and apply brow gel to keep the hair in one place and arched. 

Star of the show: Brow gel

4. These Wings Were Made To Fly!

A black-winged eyeliner look sure is classy, but if you want to add a touch of glam, play with colour. Try glitter navy blue, emerald and purple eyeliner. If you don’t have coloured eyeliner at home, use a bright matte lipstick to get the job done.

Star of the show: Coloured Eyeliner

5. For That Sun-kissed Glow


If your makeup looks alright, but you still feel something’s amiss then you can instantly create a healthy glow by applying a light coat of bronzer to your face. Remember, go easy on the bronzer. You don’t want to apply too much of it, you just need a tiny bit of it. Oh, and don’t forget to apply some of it on your neck and cleavage for that ‘glow, baby, glow’ effect!

Star of the show: Bronzer

6. Get, Set, Glow!


This highlighter tip takes less than minute to do, but it will make you look like a bombshell! After you’ve done your base, dust little highlighter on your face in a heart shape. Make sure that it goes just above the brows and the narrow point goes right above the lips aka cupid’s bow. You’ll instantly notice a dramatic change in your makeup look.

Star of the show: Highlighter

7. Three In One


You don’t need to own a blush, eyeshadow and lipstick if you’re a woman with minimalistic taste. Just your one lipstick product can do the job of three products! Use a pink creamy matte lipstick to paint your pout, apply the same lipstick on the cheeks as a blush and dab a tiny bit of pink hue on the lids – and there you have it – the perfect monotone look!

Star of the show: Pink Lipstick


Some of these tips have multiple steps, but what’s cool is that it takes less than a few seconds to complete each of them. 

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24 Jun 2020

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