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How to Use a Highlighter to Fake Gorgeous, Dewy Skin!

How to Use a Highlighter to Fake Gorgeous, Dewy Skin!

You don’t need a professional makeup artist to help you look like a cover girl from a magazine. All you need for dewy, radiant skin is one magic tool: a good highlighter, of course! It can be your secret weapon to fake a fabulous complexion. We tell you everything you need to know about how to highlight your facial features like a pro. Get ready to dazzle with radiant skin!


Why Should You Use a Highlighter?

A great highlighter is just what you need to bring a burst of freshness to your complexion. It can perk up your skin by instantly bringing a healthy, youthful glow to your features. Whether you’re super tired or are fighting signs of ageing, no one will know thanks to this miracle product. Use it on the places where the light hits your face (your brow bone, your cheeks, your nose and above your lips) for an undeniable glow.

Step 1: Apply a Base

highlight base

Before applying a multitude of products to your face, you must have a natural base. Use a lightweight, sheer foundation as well as a concealer to hide any blemishes. Ensure that all the products that you’re using are branded and agree with your skin texture to avoid skin allergy. Click here to learn how to perfect your base.

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Step 2: Define Those Cheekbones

define cheekbones

Suck in your cheeks and use a brush to swipe on some colour along your cheekbones, pointing upwards towards your temples. A creamy blush or even a good cheek stain is enough to add a pretty, natural-looking flush to your skin.

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Step 3: Time to Highlight Your Facial Features

highlight facial features

Once your base is done, it’s time to take your makeup to the next level (which is highlighting, of course). The most common places that require highlighting are the top of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your cupid’s bow and your brow bone. Start with scooping up a little of the product using your index finger. Then, pat the product along the areas which you desire to highlight.

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Step 4: Blend to Create Magic

blend highlighter and base

Once the product and the base are in sync, you have to make sure that they blend perfectly well together. Create that sculpted airbrush effect by using a flat top dense brush to blend in the two shades together. Two things are going to happen here: one, it makes your facial features look sharper; second, it makes your skin look polished and flawless.

* For Highlighting Your Nose

Use a light shade to give definition to your nose. Run your highlighter along the inner corner of the the brow and slowly brush downwards along the sides of your nose. To top it off, blend it into your base for instantly younger-looking, healthy skin.

* For Highlighting Your Eyes

To make your eyes pop and stand out, apply a pinch of foundation to the eyelid and blend. Then, counter that by using a highlighter, brushed right along the brow bone. Brush till both products blend well with each other. Based on the outcome, you can opt for using an eyeshadow that adds more drama to your eyes. You can also use a bit of highlighter on your under-eye area to make your eyes look brighter no matter how tired you are.

* For Highlighting Your Jaw

Start by applying a darker tint of foundation below the jaw, along the jawline (right where the jaw meets the neck). Then, start blending the foundation using a clean brush to avoid creating a line. Highlight your cheekbones, but avoid brushing it down to your chin.

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Published on Oct 22, 2014
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