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13 Oddly Satisfying Beauty Videos You Can Watch, On Loop!

13 Oddly Satisfying Beauty Videos You Can Watch, On Loop!

What do destroying makeup, swatching glitter makeup products, peeling off pore strips have in common? They are utterly but oddly satisfying! For some weird reason, we totally love these videos, even though some of these are so gross that they make my toes curl.

🙋 if you have a habit of getting lost in the explore section of Instagram. Countless hours have been lost these, just aimlessly watching random beauty videos and thinking, “that was so good”. Those videos are addictive AF. And since we aren’t stepping out of our homes anytime soon and Insta is our official *hangout*, time to watch these on repeat.

Satisfying Beauty Videos You Should Binge Watch This Weekend

Warning: These videos are a mix of mesmerizing and utterly disgusting, so make you watch them all!

Don’t You Wanna Gobble It Up?


Look At All That Hair

Is There Anything More Satisfying Than Watching A Bath Bomb?

A Bright, Blue Eye


This Is So Perfect. I. Can’t. Even

‘Coz No List Is Complete Without Watching Disgusting Blackhead Videos

Nail-ing It Perfect

Ahh, The Feels

BRB, Orgasming

And for the grand finale, a few *makeup destruction* videos that will make every cell of your body shed tears. So, are you ready to watch them?

No, Not The YSL!

The Whole Palette? WHY?

Admit it, you’re hooked on so bad.

Featured Image: pexels.com

20 Mar 2020

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