#POPxoLucky2020: 20 Awesome Videos Of 2019 To Keep You Entertained Through The New Year

#POPxoLucky2020: 20 Awesome Videos Of 2019 To Keep You Entertained Through The New Year

2019 was (or should I say is?) definitely the year of entertainment, don't you agree? Celebrity gossips, reality TV shows drama, gripping web series and what not. We were definitely glued to our phone screens at all times!

And just like me, if you love wasting your time watching videos online, you will love our videos that shall keep you entertained for hours! 

So, are you ready for some *entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment*?

Top 20 POPxo Videos That You Cannot Miss

Are you a true POPxo fan? Let's see how many of our videos have you watched, shall we?

(We hope you score a whopping 20/20!)

Signs You Should Marry Him

If you truly love your bae-by but are unsure what future holds up for the both of you, watch this hilarious but totally fun video that will make everything clear for you!

Getting A Haircut: Expectations Vs Reality

Haha! Everyone will relate SO hard with this one! This is basically 'every salon visit ever'? AmIRight or what?

Types Of Girls In A PG

Do you currently live in a PG or know someone who is? Share this hilarious video with them!

Honeymoon Phase Vs Reality Phase

Married or not married, this video is for every couple who is or was in a relationship.

Things You'll Relate To If You're The Shortest Girl In Your Group

All the shawties in the room, put your hands up! *raises hands*

You will LOL so hard after watching this and every instance will make you say, "that totally happens with me all the time!"

Thoughts You Have While Getting A Manicure

Don't deny it, you too feel the same way while getting a manicure...don't you?

When You Have A Crush On Your Best Friend's Boyfriend

Are you crushing on someone right now? And is that someone your bestie's hot new guy? Watch this hilarious video RN...but in private!

Upalina & Vani's Sarojini Nagar Fashion Haul Under Rs. 1500

*Raise your hands if you cannot get enough of shopping at Sarojini Nagar*

It's every fashionista's dream destination as everything is super cheap, right? Watch our in-house fashion mavens create an oh-so-fine #OOTD with just Rs 1500!

PS: Who knows, you might learn a few bargaining tips!

Types Of Guests At A Wedding

'Coz it's the wedding season!


Cooking: Expectations Vs Reality

Let's admit it, cooking is definitely not the cakewalk they show in YouTube videos, right?

This video shows exactly what happens when you decide to pull off a Masterchef!

Wearing Makeup For The First Time: Expectations Vs Reality

Do you know someone who recently got introduced to the fabulous world of makeup? Share this must-watch video with them!

Signs That You've Been Single For Way Too Long

Warning: You might cry a little after watching this, but only on the inside.

But hey, self-love is more important, right?

Types Of Tuition Teachers We All Have

And suddenly, we all miss our good 'ol school days!

POPxo So Relatable: Strict Parents Vs Cool Parents

If your parents are not 'so cool' like the others, it's time to show 'em this video!

Who knows, they might get the hint that they need to cut you some slack!

First Job: Expectations Vs Reality

This one is so relatable. Those expectations we have from our first job versus the actual reality. Haha!

Things Every Brother Is Guilty Of Doing

Every type of brother is annoying AF, but we still love them the most, right?

Share this funny video with the World's Okayest Brother, right away!

Thoughts You Have When You're Wearing A Tampon

'Coz let's admit it, a tampon is not everyone's cuppa tea!

Annoying Things Boyfriends Do

You have to watch this video with bae and say "this is exactly how I feel when you do this" a gazillion times!

Thoughts You Have When You Are Travelling Alone At Night

Dark thoughts entering our minds in 3...2...1...

Isn't this everything that goes into our minds when we are walking alone?

Thoughts You Have When You And Your Bestie Are Drifting Apart

Does she still wanna be my friend...or does she not?

*sob sob*

This is exactly how we feel when we feel our bestie drifting apart, don't we?

How fun was that?

Your weekend watch-list?


Featured Image: Instagram, YouTube