#MyStory: Not Every Relationship Has A Happy Ending

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 5, 2016


Does true love really have no boundaries? I would like to think yes, but experience tells me otherwise. It’s not that one does not have examples of happy and successful relationships between people from different communities – but for that to happen, the power of love between the couple needs to be able to conquer all obstacles. Here’s where my story comes in. It’s about the relationship between a Catholic girl and a Parsi boy.

Let’s take a step back in time, to what happened 5 years ago. I studied at one of the oldest colleges in South Mumbai. I was a fresher and was only looking to make waves in my first year of college. All I knew was that I wanted to make it BIG. I took my grades seriously, was pally with everyone, and made sure that I got into all possible college activities. I was unbeatable and killing it in my first year. Finding “the one” or even the thought of falling for a guy was not really something I was thinking about. But life doesn’t always go according to plan.

One fine day, during the course of the year, I bumped into a guy – a so-called “bad boy”. You know the kind of guy that girls date with the hope of one day morphing him into a gentleman? He was that sort of a guy. He had a bold and fiery attitude about him. Something I felt was irresistible. While many of my friends would say “Hey, why are you dating him? He’s bad news!” I would shrug it off, saying, “Everyone deserves a chance.” So I gave him that chance. I took things slow, but from the bottom of my heart, I wanted him to be “the one”.

happy ending

Surprisingly enough, despite his bad-boy persona, when I was around him, I felt secure, loved and, most importantly, myself. He was the kind of person who could read my intentions and emotions at just a single glance. My pillar of strength, in short. I gave him my all. We shared a bond that no one could make sense of but us. To be honest, we liked it that way.

Our day started with attending the 7.30 a.m. literature class. Yes, we were in the same class. He was never a bookworm, but when it came to general knowledge, he knew his stuff like no one else. His gift of the gab made it impossible for him to lose any argument. He was my soulmate and my competitor – and we grew together. When classes got done, we’d often go to his place, watch a film, cuddle over food, talk and then talk some more. He didn’t care if I had a bad hairday, wore pajamas to class, or even if I gave makeup a miss. He liked me for the person I was, and not what I looked like. I felt satisfied in knowing that behind that bad-boy image was a kind and thoughtful soul. Life was…blissful.

It was all smooth sailing – until his parents stepped into the picture. They liked me well enough. The only problem they had was that I wasn’t a Parsi myself. Getting romantically involved with someone out of the Parsi community was simply not done. It killed me every day to know that one day he would be with someone else. Although he assured me that he would never leave my side and change his family’s perspective about us, that day never came.

During our final exams, he gave me a call one day and broke it off without giving me a reason.

I was taken by shock! Like, who calls things off over the phone? I didn’t know how to pick myself up, but I just had to. Most of my friends gave me the silent treatment because I had chosen him over them. That one month was living hell for me. I couldn’t sleep, nor did I have the will to eat. He was always on my mind. All I knew was that I had to be strong, put on a poker face and not make a huge deal of it every time I bumped into him.

happy ending

After our exams, we parted ways for real. No calls, no text messages. Three months down the line, I got know from a mutual friend that he was seeing someone whom his parents had “selected” for him. Boy, did that sting! Questions like “Why didn’t he tell me before?” “Was he double dating all along?” “Did he not care about our relationship?” ran round and round my head. But I was determined to not come across as clingy. I didn’t bother to ask for an explanation. I moved on without looking back.

There are still days when he randomly sends me a text to initiate conversation, but I choose to ignore it. I’m a girl who believes in honesty, and he clearly wasn’t man enough to be that person. I want to thank him, though, despite of what he did put me through, I’ve come out of the experience stronger and more independent. I don’t trust blindly any longer, and I’ve become wiser. I still haven’t given up on the idea of love, but I’m in no hurry to find it.

Since we broke up, I haven’t indulged in flings, nor had a rebound. People have emotions – and no one deserves to be played around with. All I know is that whoever I do settle down with in the future, I’ll make sure that I make him feel like the happiest man alive. Till then, I’ll wait for my knight in shining armour, and together we’ll make our own happily ever after. No regrets, only good vibes!

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