5 Tried & Tested Non-Foaming Cleansers That Are Perfect For Sensitive Skin

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Sep 9, 2021
5 Tried & Tested Non-Foaming Cleansers That Are Perfect For Sensitive Skin


Whenever I’m buying new makeup or skincare, I have to think about it twice. Once, to reconsider if it’s going to treat my sensitive skin well. And then twice, to check if my low-performing, non-foaming cleanser will be able to take it off. I am a victim of sensitive skin, and it is as bad as it sounds. Not only do I find it extremely difficult for best-selling numbers to work for my skin, but finding apt skincare for my skin type is a total hassle. While the rest of the skincare and makeup world remains to be explored, I have tried and tested these 5 non-foaming cleansers to be actually effective, gentle, and completely suitable for sensitive skin types.

Non-Foaming Cleansers We Can’t Get Enough Of

Class Favourite

New fads may come and go, but Cetaphil will be here forever (we hope). Speaking from personal experience, Cetaphil is that one non-foaming cleanser that you can always come back to.

The Insta Hyped

Who doesn’t want to be a Glossier girl? A Glossier Girl is hip, cute, and has snatched skin. I don’t know about the first two, but if you’re someone with sensitive skin, you can definitely get amazing skin with this non-foaming milk cleanser.

Smoothie For Your Skin

If you are extra particular and want your skincare to be handmade, soap-free, preservatives-free, made with organic ingredients, naturally sourced ingredients, maybe you’re dreaming. Or you know about The Skin Pantry. This non-foaming cleanser for sensitive skin is a mineral-based facewash that cleanses the skin effectively and gently.

An Extra Order Of Gentle

Neutrogena facial cleaners are a hit or miss most of the time. But this extra gentle cleanser is a perfect non-foaming cleanser for sensitive skin. Enriched with chamomile and vitamin E, it also helps to soothe sensitive skin, and helps restore moisture.

The Promise Is In The Name

Have you ever thought that you found the best-selling cleanser for sensitive skin, but actually received one that bubbles like a Pokemon? Yeah, me too. This one, however, promises bubble-free cleansing in its name, and delivers! Its formula is also oH balanced to avoid any irritation on the skin.

But if you are blessed with a normal skin type that doesn’t get irritated by a hint of soap, here are some gems your skin will love:

Which fighter do you choose for your sensitive skin?

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