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How Niacinamide Saved My Problematic Skin Without Being Aggressive

How Niacinamide Saved My Problematic Skin Without Being Aggressive

At some point, I couldn’t understand what my skin needed so that it just stopped breaking out. Seasonal changes do call for a change in skincare products, but my skin was so inflamed and unreceptive to new or trusted skincare products that it would just refuse to get under control. This frustrated me most because my skin, after all, belongs to the combination skin type category which means it has both dry and oily areas. While usually I experience acne when my skin is feeling more oily, this time round, my skin was feeling dry as hell and it had huge pimples that wouldn’t calm down.

If I wanted to stop these large pimples from occurring and also heal the scars left behind quicker, I needed additional help. I knew that I needed a serum to help counter my skin trouble, but retinol or Vitamin C wouldn’t cut it as they both are slightly irritating especially when your skin is already acting up. That’s when I thought about bringing out my niacinamide serum and that was the best decision ever.

Why Niacinamide Serum?


Unlike most active ingredients, niacinamide is super gentle on the skin and that’s why it was easy to test out on my troubled skin. Niacinamide helps soften and heal the skin. It helps rebuild skin cells therefore reversing the damage and scarring caused by breakouts. The formulas of niacinamide serums are soothing and nourishing as well and that’s exactly what my skin needed. Research suggests that niacinamide can help treat acne prone skin, especially severe acne and inflammatory forms like papules and pustules which is exactly what I seemed to have.

What Did Niacinamide Do For My Skin Trouble?


After the very first trial, I knew that my niacinamide serum was going to save my face. I opted for a niacinamide serum that was infused with natural ingredients and probiotics as well. The formula of my serum was basically very soothing and hydrating. It didn’t dry out my skin but rather offered soothing action with lightweight hydration. My skin began to feel nourished and soft after every application and that helped it heal. Soon, the acne subsided as I continued to use it religiously everyday for over a week. The pimples stopped recurring and whatever existing acne was on my skin slowly but surely shrunk and disappeared. 

How I Used Niacinamide In My Skincare Routine?

I made sure to not use any drying skincare products that promised to remove excess oil. I instead used a hydrating face wash and stuck to a natural rose water face mist as a toner. This cleanser and toner did well to clean and balance my skin without causing irritation. While my skin was still damp with the rose water mist, I would apply the niacinamide serum liberally and then followed up with a nourishing moisturiser.

The Best Niacinamide Serums To Try Out

Behold my favourite niacinamide serums that really work well in healing my acne prone skin.

Milky Care

This niacinamide serum is infused with phyto probiotics and olive oil. It not only heals acne but also improves overall skin texture.

Soft & Silky

My skin never felt softer. This serum made my visage appear naturally radiant and silky soft to touch. It has a no-nonsense formula that gets right to business without irritating your skin.

Healing Veil

Enriched with moringa and tiger grass, this niacinamide serum is serious about clearing up your skin by invigorating it with its nature-infused formula. The serum leaves no trace behind and is instantly absorbed by the skin. Aside from healing and soothing acne, it also regulates sebum production to reduce oiliness.

If you ever have trouble with severe acne breakouts, consider trying out niacinamide to help heal your skin. If it worked for me, it could work for you too. Just remember to do a patch test before you commit to this solution.

Featured Images: Pexels

16 Jun 2022

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