Your Perfect NYE Makeup Look, According To Your Star Sign

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Dec 24, 2021
Your Perfect NYE Makeup Look, According To Your Star Sign


We reckon the best bit about New Year’s Eve is the lead-up. And in particular, getting ready. Our glam game hasn’t had a chance to shine much lately, but party season is the moment to put it right, big time. If there were ever a time to mix things up or go bold with our look, it’s now! There’s literally no better place to pull out all the stops with glitter, drama, and fun colours than an NYE party. 

Chances are, you’ve already picked out your outfit, so now it’s time to focus on how you’re going to glitz up your face beat. Of course, like any type of trend, some makeup styles will be more popular than others on the night of December 31. Rather than scrolling the ‘gram,  we’re here to help you streamline the beauty inspo process with a little assistance from – wait for it – your star sign. Now, we don’t have a crystal ball, but it is pretty much written in the stars that these makeup ideas will inspire you. Start 2022 off looking glamorous, find your perfect New Year’s Eve makeup look based on your zodiac sign, ahead. 

Allow Us To Match Your Zodiac Sign To Your Perfect NYE Makeup Look

Sagittarius: Grunge Glamm

Free-spirited, optimistic, driven and intellectual, sagittarius are confident to follow their own tastes rather than the trends which means no trend is off limits. However, as a sagittarius, you were probably sold the minute glitter was mentioned. This grunge-glam look is festive, but the dark lip and kohl-laden eyes offer a fresh alternative.

Capricorn: Garnet Lips

Humorous, stubborn, loyal and practical, capricorns like to take all factors under consideration before making a decision. You don’t like to blend into the background, but you also don’t like to be the focal point. The garnet red lip nods to your birthstone. While the look is simple, it feels ultra modern when paired with ultra-fresh, glowy skin.

Aquarius: Hazy Purple Smoky Eye

Original, honest, independent, intuitive and super versatile, you probably feel most comfortable when your makeup focuses on your natural beauty. Keeping that in mind, you should try the hazy purple smoky eye takes. It takes a classic and gives an interesting new spin, plus it incorporates your birthstone amethyst.

Pisces: Icy Queen

Pisceans live in a dream world of their own, so why not make your beauty look reflect that? As a romantic, this halo smoky eye and glossy lip beauty look is perf for you. You can pull off a range of colours, but you particularly suit gentle and relaxing shades like icy blues and silvers. 

Aries: Red Hot!

You are a trendsetter who’s always up for trying something new, no matter how daring it might be. You’re confident enough to pull off a bold look, but you don’t need to try too hard. A Fiery red lip paired with minimal-looking makeup is right up your street – strong but tremendously chic. 

Taurus: Copper Glitter Eye

Loving, unshakable, reliable and practical rather than edgy and wacky, Taurueans love styles that are timeless, chic and classic. A copper glitter eye when paired with neutral makeup and loose hair works beautifully. You can go big by picking up some loose eye glitter. 

Gemini: Crystal Eye Makeup FTW!

Intelligent, quick-witted, curious and versatile, Geminis favour risque trends and will love the edginess of crystal eye makeup. Use gems to accentuate your eyes for NYE and turn heads wherever you go. 

Cancer: Glossy Lids

Unlike the other signs, cancers love the practically of a romantic, timeless look and aren’t the ones to experiment. You suit something pretty and approachable and this glowy eye, skin, and lip combo feels warm and inviting, just like you. 

Leo: XXXL Sparkle

Leos love being in the spotlight so a beauty trend that draws attention to them isn’t something they’d be afraid to do. What better way to be a standout than sporting a glitter-bedecked eye. XXL sparkle with XXL lashes is the way forward!

Virgo: Sapphire Liner

Creative, meticulous, hard-working and diligent, virgos love a cut that’s as classic and pulled-together as their personality. This immaculate blue sparkle line is beautifully precise but it adds extra interest and provides a fresh take on a classic. It allows you  to show off your easy-going personality while still feeling beautiful.

Libra: Romantic Red

Libras are all about balance in life and the same goes for beauty. Charming and tactful, Libras suit something relaxed but romantic. This alluring burgundy lip with fluttery lashes is a sophisticated and sexy way to nail New Year’s Eve makeup

Scorpio: Smoky But Soft

Intuitive, powerful, dominant and determined, Scorpios can easily pull off something sleek and fierce. You need a look that’s fierce but soft and this seriously smoky-out eye nails the brief. All you need is this eyeshadow palette to nail the look. 

Turn on the glow!

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