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8 Winter Beauty Trends That Are Super Viral On The ‘Gram RN

8 Winter Beauty Trends That Are Super Viral On The ‘Gram RN

If there’s anything we can always count on at the start of a new season, it’s that there will be a new slew of fun beauty trends to play with. While we’re excited about all the fashion trends, beauty trends are really the stars this winter. Whether you’re aching to upgrade your skincare routine, dye your hair a new trendy colour, or just try something a little different at the nail salon, we have something for you. Keep scrolling to find out every beauty trend that will swamp our explore pages this winter. 

8 Winter Beauty Trends We’re Planning To Steal For Party Season

Reverse Liner: The Trend Lives On

What better way to be a standout than sporting this reverse eyeliner look. Apply your eyeliner on the bottom lash line to get an impactful makeup look that’s perfect for the head-turners. To include the rockstar trend in your makeup routine, we suggest pairing an angsty, grunge eyeliner with a nude lip. But, don’t just stick to black, you can take it up a pop by using bright-hued eyeliners. 

Bold Lips: To Feel Like A Bose Babe

Winter is just around the corner, and the fashion set has already zeroed in on lip colours we’ll all be coveting this season. After a long Hot Girl Summer, we’re honestly ready for a Chill Girl Winter. That said, burgundy and fire-engine red will be making its usual appearance this winter. There’s nothing we love more than a bold statement lip to stand out at a party!

Tortoiseshell nails: A Compliment Inducing Manicure

Tortoiseshell nail art is a winter staple. Ultra glossy and ultra neat finish will keep them feeling modern, plus you can add extra accents like a shot of silver lines to take it up a notch. For pure winter vibes, stick to those delicious spiced hues and get ready to rake in compliments. 

Plaid Print: The Only Mani That Matters This Winter

Plaid-Print nails are perf for wintertime. All you need is a nude base colour and a line brush to nail this manicure. We recommend using red and black as a nod to Burberry’s classic plaid print. Make a cross-section starting from the top left in red, then make a double line cross from the bottom right corner in black. It sounds complicated, but it’s not as hard as it seems.

LED Mask: To Rejuvenate Your Skin

Beauty girls tend to use the winter months to rejuvenate their skin and help repair the damage caused by more environmental factors. It’s like giving the skin a fancy facial by exposing your skin to different wavelengths of light. LED lights help in boosting skin’s health, promoting collagen and preventing fine lines. To maximise the use of your LED device, nourish the skin with plenty of hyaluronic acid.

Face Oils: To Rock That Incomparable Glow

Face oil is a holy-grail beauty product that you legit need in your winter skincare stash. This lesser-known product has Infinite benefits to offer. For those of us with dry skin, it helps seal in the hydration while for folks with oily skin, it balances out excess oil production. Face oil is the magic elixir that makes our lovingly applied serums and moisturisers work harder for longer. Thus, improving our skin barrier. Look for a face oil rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants, which will give your skin a healthy-looking texture and glow. 

Chocolate Brown Hair: For An Incredibly Chic Look

Although there are a slew of hair-colour trends for you to try, if you really want to turn some heads this winter, you need to try the “mushroom-brown” hair colour trend. Winter is here and the mushroom-brown hair-colour trend is the perf way to give your style a moody update. If you’re looking for an easy way to elevate your overall look, this hair colour loved by the star of Emily in Paris  might be just the thing for you. It’s effortless, stand-out and a perf hair switch up for those of us who love being the first one to usher in a new beauty trend without going OTT.  

Long Layers: It Doesn’t Get Any Cuter

Extra-long lengths and layers are in. But we are not just blowing out these long locks, fashion girls are adding texture and volume, while keeping it tousled and undone. Nothing super clean!

These are earning likes left and right!

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15 Dec 2021

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