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How To Make And *Keep* Your New Year’s Resolution This Year!

How To Make And *Keep* Your New Year’s Resolution This Year!

Every New Year brings with it the excitement of starting afresh and making the changes you hoped to make throughout the past year. And though you never got around to them, this January 1st is the chance you didn’t know you needed. I’ve had many resolutions throughout the year, from promising myself to get healthier, to working towards happiness, the goals differ from person to person. But the outcome is still the same, a better version of you. So how can you make a new year resolution this year that you actually plan on keeping? Well, I’m no magician but I did make a list of easy ways to make and keep your new year’s resolution!


1. Be Realistic

Don’t be an overachiever. It’s good to set high targets but that also means you’ll scare yourself away. You need to remember to start small and go upwards from there.

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2. Be Specific

“Yoga at 7pm, after work, thrice a week” sounds way better than, “Yoga everyday.” Generic goals have a higher probability of failing, so be as specific as you possibly can.  

3. Something Measurable

Whatever you pick, whether it’s happiness, weight loss or just giving your hobby a few hours every day. Make sure you keep it measurable, either finish a novel by the end of next year, or lose 5 inches, anything to add to the motivation.

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4. Make A Schedule

The first few days are always difficult, but the trick is to turn your resolution into a habit. Set constant reminders, or even join a group of people with the same goals, so you stay motivated.

5. Have A Relevance

Your goal needs to be directly relevant to your life. For example, when I aimed at happiness I was going through serious bouts of depression, so it made sense to try and get healthier. The more you need your resolution, the higher are the chances of you actually following it.

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6. Anticipate The Problems

If you’re someone who often bails, anticipate your laziness and find ways to make your life as difficult as possible. JK, set enough milestones to stay motivated.

7. Share Your Goal

If enough people are involved, it gets difficult to ditch. Hence, keep your family and friends in the loop, they’ll make sure to remind you why you’re doing this and why you need to keep at it.

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8. Treat Yourself

When you start seeing progress, make sure to treat yourself for doing well, it’ll go a long way. Little wins are the motivation your heart needs to fall in love with the resolution you’ve made.

Get going, girls!

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19 Dec 2017

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