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New Mom Diaries: 10 Things That Change When You Have A Baby

When it comes to having a baby, we all agree on one thing: It’s a life-changing event.  It is unclear whether prospective parents understand the extent of the overhaul their lifestyles and mindsets will undergo once the little one comes along. Here’s a little preview of what will change in your post-baby future.

1. Your Friends

While your old, true friends will always be around, you will find yourself relating more to women who have kids themselves, discussing diaper duties and baby-friendly recipes., particularly if you decide to become a stay-at-home mom. Further, once your children start going to school, you inherit a whole community of parents with whom to socialize and will naturally form affinities.things that change when you have a baby 1

2. Your Body

This may seem obvious but I am not referring to the baby fat it takes you a year to lose. You may come back to your pre-baby weight but will find that things have moved around a little: for instance, you may be a little heavier around the mid-section but stronger in your arms from all that baby lifting. Wear that muffin top as a badge of honor and maybe trade in your low-rise jeans for mid-rise ones.

things that change when you have a baby  2


3. Your Priorities

It used to be all about the coolest nightclubs; now it’s about the best kids’ clubs. From tennis to guitar to French, kids these days attend a plethora of after-school activities and if your time is not spent shuttling them from one to the other, it will definitely be spent discussing them. Did we mention homework yet?

things that change when you have a baby 3

4. Your Ambitions

While pre-baby you was determined to soar the corporate ladder right to the top, mommy you may be content with the #2 spot or a job with a bit more flexibility to allow you more work-life balance. And if you still maintain a high-pressure, fast-paced job, you can be sure that you will find yourself opting out of a few social activities to be with your kids.

things that change when you have a baby 4


5. Your Playlist

You will still retain your love for 90’s hip-hop and booty-shaking Bollywood but you won’t be surprised when Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or baby Einstein shows up on your playlist.

6. Your Relationship With Your Mother

You have entered that elite club of women who have children and you finally understand so many things your mom used to say to you. Suddenly you’ll wish you hadn’t kept her up when you were out late so many nights, or thrown so many hissy fits when you were a teenager. You will finally appreciate that mother knows best, especially yours.

7. Your Husband

With all the focus is on women it’s easy to forget that men go through changes as well. New fatherhood changes some men irrevocably: rebels become conformists, risk-takers become risk-dodgers, and the motorcycle gets traded in for an SUV with a car seat. Or they go completely the other way, petrified by the weight of the responsibility of being a father. Either way, keep an eye on your man and try to help him through the transition.

things that change when you have a baby 7


8. Your Sleep

Kiss uninterrupted sleep goodbye, till the kids are in college, and possibly even beyond. Expect to be woken up for bathroom runs, thirst, hunger, bad dreams or just because they want a cuddle.  And conveniently, no one hears their late night cries but you.

things that change when you have a baby 8

9. Your House

No more sharp edged coffee tables or open sockets, and stairs will be your own personal nightmare. You will step on little pieces of lego constantly and learn to appreciate the change in the décor: ChotaBheem bedsheets anyone?

10. Your Weekends

Gone are the days of sleeping in and enjoying the morning paper listening to some Bach with your favorite Sunday coffee blend. Weekends with kids start with pillow fights and milkshakes, end with birthday parties and sports, and are sprinkled with visits with grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles.


things that change when you have a baby 10

And you’ll love (almost) every minute of it. Good luck!

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06 May 2016

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