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‘Best Live Ever’ Say Fans As Neha Dhupia & Angad Bedi Throw An Instagram Anniversary Party

‘Best Live Ever’ Say Fans As Neha Dhupia & Angad Bedi Throw An Instagram Anniversary Party

While we sit confined to our spaces during the current pandemic, it is rather endearing to see our fortitude rising through the crisis as we think of new ways to go about our life and celebrate it. Well, as they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Despite the looming shadow of the crisis, love seems to be truly blossoming in the time of corona as couples opt for FaceTime pre-wedding shoots, get married from their balconies, and even organise virtual anniversary celebrations. 

B-town couple Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi joined the virtual celebrations bandwagon yesterday by organizing their anniversary party on Instagram. The two started the celebrations by posting pictures from a recent photoshoot. “Happy anniversary my love … to two years of togetherness 💕… Angad is like 1. The love of my life, 2. a support system, 3. a great father, 4. My best friend and 5. The most annoying roommate ever. It’s like I have 5 bfs in one…it’s my choice,” Neha captioned her post. 

The party was then moved to Insta Live and that’s where the real fun began. “We wanted to be here and celebrate it with all of you,” said Neha as she waited for her husband to join the Live from another room for their 2nd-anniversary celebrations with the Insta fam. And while we had expected some mush, the couple elevated it to another level with all the leg-pulling and their boisterous energy.



With Neha bringing her chat show host energy to the show, it was no short of a full-fledged TV watch and we, of course, had our share of the fun. Just like a chat show, the couple made the best use of the Insta live, with questionnaire-based games that also brought out the strong bond that the two of them share. Right from discussing their daughter Mehr Dhupia Bedi to the things that both of them cherish and tolerate about each other, the couple made the chat all about a celebration of their beautiful bond as their family, friends, and fans joined in to take quips through comments. 

Neha opened the games, with a round of honest questions and answers with Angad, as their favourite Punjabi songs played in the backdrop. However, it was Angad who had us really surprised by his refreshing energy and witty jibes. Throughout the chat, he kept pulling Neha’s leg for the pitch of her voice as she said that #VolumeCut is sure to stick around post this Live. We were, of course, in for some romantic moments as Angad sang for his wife every now and then and said, “All the fears were gone, the moment that I decided that you were going to be my wife. I was very very happy when I took that last phera.”

Here’s the full video: 


Out favourite part from the live has to be when Angad called Neha a 100/10 person, told that he admires her for being so forgiving, and also shared that he wants their daughter to be exactly like her. “I want her to be a carbon copy of you,” he said. Now that’s some solid couple goals, right there!

 Featured Image: Instagram

11 May 2020

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