Social Distancing Wedding: Couple Gets Married On Their Balcony & It's The Sweetest Thing

Social Distancing Wedding: Couple Gets Married On Their Balcony & It's The Sweetest Thing

Back when the world didn't seem like such an uncertain place, when we didn't look at the news every night and think about what will happen next- our surroundings seemed much happier. Now, of course, we're all confined to our houses and there's an air of anxiety that's looming above us. However, we know we've to find the silver lining in this situation too. 

To give you your dose of happiness- meet Valeska Pretelt and Joshua Board who had planned a grand wedding before the coronavirus outbreak. However, the pandemic has forced us all to change our plans. These two rethought their wedding day and it was the cutest thing.

"At this point, we were tuned into news updates, which were coming in every hour, and we made the super-emotional and difficult decision to send out an email letting everyone know we’d be postponing,” Valeska says.

After months of planning, the date 3/20 became something meaningful to them and they wanted to honour that. Their ceremony became a six-person gathering, with the couple marrying on the balcony of their Brooklyn apartment, and the bride’s cousin serving as a witness. 

The couple’s friend Jason officiated, and two other friends watched from below alongside Marvin, the neighbourhood cat. "Our immediate family was Zoomed in, and my mom surprised us with a cellist she met on Instagram the night prior," Valeska says.

"We had gorgeous 70-degree weather, and neighbours cheered us on as they walked by", said the couple on their Instagram post.


She even bought a slip dress only two days before the ceremony and thank God it reached on time. Josh wore the Hugo Boss suit that he’d gotten a month prior with the intention of wearing it to their originally scheduled nuptials.

After that, they popped a Champagne bottle and talked with their friends and family via FaceTime for the rest of the afternoon.


We're sending loads of love to the newlyweds, thanks for filling our feeds with much-needed positivity and love.

Featured Image: Instagram