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Neha Bhasin Just Made A Shocking Revelation About Pratik Sehajpal & We’re Shook

Neha Bhasin Just Made A Shocking Revelation About Pratik Sehajpal & We’re Shook

If Bigg Boss OTT keeps running like this, we will never fall short on drama. Hosted by Karan Johar, the digital show has mastered the art of creating buzz through endless controversies and twists. Nope, we’re not complaining! From Shamita-Raqesh’s rocky relationship to Pratik-Neha’s bonding—we find the masaledaar drama a whole lot entertaining. 

Speaking of the latter, Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehajpal’s bond hasn’t gone unnoticed by the audience and their families as well. The latest episode of OTT saw both their sisters point out the obvious and asked them to maintain distance. This prompted Neha to ask Pratik to stay away from her. We thought this would be the end of their friendship but apparently not. 

Nishant Bhatt questioned the two about their feelings for each other. He asked Neha what she would’ve done if she was single. And fam, you’re never going to believe what she said! 


After thinking a little, Neha said, “Kha jati mai isko.” This irked Pratik and he asked her to clarify. Replying to it she said, “I would have dated him then.” While Neha gave a candid reply, Pratik refused to answer it at first. He walked away only to return after a while and say, “Yes, I would have dated her too.”

The drama didn’t just end there. Neha, being her usual self, mocked Pratik for being afraid of saying the truth. To which, the actor said, that he had been in a tough spot in the past which is why he took some time to answer the question. Well, that’s honest enough for us! 

Well, we sure are loving the drama happening inside the house for now.

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15 Sep 2021

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