This Relatable Pic Of New Zealand’s PM Eating Chhole Puri Will Make You Like Her Even More

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  Aug 10, 2020
This Relatable Pic Of New Zealand’s PM Eating Chhole Puri Will Make You Like Her Even More

Jacinda Arden, who’s considered one of the most competent and influential leaders of the world at 37, has a huge fan following across the globe. New Zealand recently celebrated 100 COVID-free days, all thanks to Arden response to protecting her country from the virus. She did all this and more while being the first-ever woman leader to have a baby in her lap during the UN assembly held in New York in the year 2018. Isn’t she the coolest?

And if you needed more reason to love her, here’s one–she was seen relishing Cholle poori at a Radha Krishna Mandir in Aukland. Hinduism is the second-largest religion in New Zealand and Hindi is the fourth most spoken language there. Netizens were impressed with this move and talked about how she is one of the most inclusive Prime Ministers in the world. Remember when she wore a headscarf in solidarity with the Muslim community after the Christchurch mosque attack?

Indian High Commissioner to New Zealand, Mr Muktesh Pradeshi, took to Twitter to post pictures of Arden relishing Indian prasad at the temple. He wrote,  “Some precious moments with Hon. PM of New Zealand ⁦@jacindaardern at ⁦@indiannewslink event on 6 Aug 2020. She paid a short visit to Radha Krishna Mandir and enjoyed a simple Indian vegetarian meal- Puri, Chhole and Daal.”

Twitterati Couldn’t Contain Their Excitement

Netizens were super happy to see the way Jacinda in a Hindu temple and talked about how happy she looked blending in the traditions of India. Here are some of the sweetest Tweets followed by her visit.

Take note, they say

Respecting Indian values and tradition

We need more leaders like her

Fans, everywhere!

Love and compassion, always!

All praises!

Well, leadership is truly about respecting the diversity and cultural differences of your citizens, especially when you’re heading a country. You need to make every person feel like they truly belong, no matter what religion or class they belong to. Thank you, Jacinda, for setting an example, yet again. The world can surely do with more leaders like you. 

Featured Image: Twitter