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Mars Is Online: NASA Shares Pic Of Green Glow Around Planet, Twitter Turns It Into A Meme

Mars Is Online: NASA Shares Pic Of Green Glow Around Planet, Twitter Turns It Into A Meme

Space is full of mysteries, secrets, and an infinite number of revelations that are unknown to mankind. From the blue moon to the strawberry moon to the super flower moon and whatnot, astronomy is always leaving us astonished with its unique surprises. 

Recently, NASA shared (also meme’d) a picture of a gorgeous ‘green glow’ surrounding Mars and obviously Twitter went nuts with jokes. Captured by European Space Agency’s ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, the green glow is a result of the presence of oxygen in the red planet’s atmosphere, according to a study on the European spacecraft’s findings.


In fact, a similar kind of a green glow (but fainter) is seen around Earth from space in the form of auroras at the planet’s poles. “Earth’s polar green glow happens when electrons from space collide with our upper atmosphere,” reports CNN. In fact, Earth and Mars both emit a glow during the day as well as at night because of their atmosphere’s interaction with sunlight. Ah, universe, thou art so beautiful!

According to reports, this is the first time this kind of glow has been seen around another planet besides Earth. “This emission has been predicted to exist at Mars for around 40 years—and, thanks to [Trace Gas Orbiter], we’ve found it,” says Jean-Claude Gérard, lead study author, astronomer and professor at the Université de Liège in Belgium.

Here’s how Twitter is reacting to this unique and newfound phenomenon in its own hilarious way. Brace for impact!

Green Lantern Jokes Incoming In 3…2…1…

The MotherMars Is Calling (Or Is It?)

Of Course, There Are Aliens Doing Rounds

Here Come The Obvious Tech Jokes

Looks like Mars is following the ‘Go green or go home’ policy, too!

Featured Image: Twitter

18 Jun 2020

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