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#MyStory: We Thought We Couldn’t Be Together. But Then…

#MyStory: We Thought We Couldn’t Be Together. But Then…

In just three months, Ankit and I grew very close to each other. He was the son of my parents’ friends and I’d met him for the first time at this function at my home.


It was rather amazing how we got emotionally attached so soon. We had to talk to each other every day and we both were very fond of each other. Neither Ankit nor I had expressed our feelings to each other, but still we knew there was something between us.

It was the fear that if we get into a relationship it might change things between our families that made us keep our feelings to ourselves. We didn’t want to be the reason for any problems between our parents. I knew that though they were very good friends, both of our parents wouldn’t like the idea of Ankit and me getting married to each other.

One evening, Ankit picked me up from my friend’s house. He was all dressed up in ethnic attire as he was coming back from a wedding. The moment I saw him I wanted to hug him tight and tell him what I felt for him. But then I reminded myself that I actually had to put an end to this growing liking I had towards him. It was the day I would tell him that we should not meet or talk anymore.

His car was parked in a dark lane and we were simply chatting when I brought up this topic. As I started telling him my decision, I couldn’t stop my tears. He understood my concerns and agreed that we should take all the necessary measures to not get too involved with each other.

The fact that I was ending any possibility of a beautiful relationship with the man I loved was killing me. All that I needed at that time was for someone to hold me… And my wish came true when Ankit held my hand and hugged me. My head was on his shoulder and his arms were around my waist. He was trying his best to comfort me; I was apologizing for taking such a cruel decision.

He looked towards me and our lips almost touched… We both tried to ignore this and stay normal, but couldn’t for long. We came closer and started kissing. We both didn’t want to let go of each other and kissed for a long time. Then there was a complete silence…but not the awkward kind.

cannot be in a relationship

He drove me home and when I was about to get out of the car he kissed me again. Then he asked me if I would still stick to my decision. I just replied, “I don’t know, I have shown you how much I love you…” I left.

This happened five years back, and after a lot of struggle (we had to convince our parents) we finally got married. Whenever we have a fight or when we are going through a rough phase in our relationship, we recall that night – how we almost didn’t start this relationship — and we get the strength to overcome all the issues we are struggling with. We both know how precious our love is for us.

* Names changed to protect privacy.


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05 May 2016

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