#MyStory: I Tried To Send My Boyfriend A Nude Selfie…

AnonymousAnonymous  |  Nov 2, 2016
#MyStory: I Tried To Send My Boyfriend A Nude Selfie…


I met my boyfriend just two months before moving to Delhi for my postgrad. We felt an instant connection as soon as we met and were head over heels in love with each other. Once I moved to Delhi, we decided to keep our relationship going, and never really bothered about the geographical distance. We’re still dating and I trust him a lot. I feel he has all the qualities a girl would want in her boyfriend.

One night, we both were texting each other, and on the other side I was also talking to my roommates and friends. I was looking like one of those lovesick puppies to them, who smile at their phones while talking to their partners. But the truth was, things were getting hot between us. He was texting me hot stuff about what he’d do to me if we were together at that moment. Naturally, we were both very turned on at that moment.

I asked him to send me a picture of his boner (his condition was that this would be one with his clothes on). He asked what he’d get in return.

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‘Do you want to see them?’ I texted him, without thinking even once.

‘See what?’ he replied in a playful manner.

‘You know…’ I typed.

‘Nope, don’t know what you’re talking about!’ he continued teasing me.

‘My boobs!’ I answered, frustrated and impatient by that time.

I got plenty of heart-eyed emojis as part of his response to my message.

So, he sent me a picture of his ‘thingy’ covered in clothing on Snapchat. Now it was my turn, and right at that moment, I freaked out.

‘I’m not sure…’ I said.

‘Umm…don’t send me a complete nude, send me a picture in your bra!’ he suggested.

‘Oh wait, I could just cover them with my hands…’ I said, feeling bold all of a sudden.

‘Sure, whatever you want babe’ he said.

Internal nude selfie

So, I excused myself from my roommates and went to the washroom to send him a nude selfie. Now, the problem was how could I hold my phone with one hand and cover both my boobs with the other, since God was quite generous while designing my upper body’s assets. So after lots of failed attempts, I finally managed to cover both my boobs with one arm and managed to look just fine. I quickly clicked a picture and after deciding it looked decent enough (oh, the irony!), I sent it to him. I looked up at the ‘Post to My story’ option, and thought ‘Ha! Definitely not that,’ and then as my mind started screaming ‘no no no no no nooo!!!’, my body decided to act on its own and my thumb tapped on the ‘Post to My Story’ option. So, I was screwed. I saw the colour draining from my face in the mirror, as my eyes widened. I immediately opened my story and tapped on the ‘delete’ button on my stupid nude. I tried tapping on the ‘delete’ option again and again, but the picture couldn’t get deleted. After this Snapchat stopped responding!

I called my boyfriend immediately. I explained the whole situation to him, and he started freaking out too. Telling him I’d call him later, I ended the call and was on the verge of tears when I heard a knock. I realized then, that I was still shirtless. I quickly put on my t-shirt and opened the door. It was Sneha, my classmate, who had become a close friend over the past few months.

‘What is wrong with you? You’ve been in here for almost half an hour,’ she said, but then noticed the expression on my face and immediately understood that something was wrong. I was trembling, so she sat me down and I explained the whole situation to her, stuttering after every few words.

‘Try deleting it again,’ she suggested.

I opened the app and tried to delete the picture, but wasn’t able to delete it.

And then, in a true light bulb over the head fashion, I got an idea.

‘Give me your phone, fast!’ I said.

I opened Snapchat in her phone, logged out from her account and logged myself in. I then tapped on the ‘delete’ option on the picture. I let out a huge sigh of relief and hugged Sneha. I then picked up my phone and saw over 20 missed calls. I called my boyfriend and happily told him that the picture had been deleted. ‘Did anyone see it?’ he asked.

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I didn’t care to check that before deleting the picture. But, to calm myself, I reasoned that it was 3 in the morning, and people might have been asleep and if anyone had seen it, they would have called or texted by now. So, I spent the next three days anxiously waiting for some friend to call or text, scolding me or asking me about the picture, but that never happened. I did calm down after that, but swore to myself that I would never in my life try to send a nude selfie again.

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