#MyStory: I Proposed To My High School Crush And…

AnonymousAnonymous  |  Jul 28, 2017
#MyStory: I Proposed To My High School Crush And…

I never had a boyfriend in high school but there was a boy in my class and I liked him a lot! We both used to talk about music and everything else we had in common. He kind of used to flirt with me, and it always used to make me feel special! Slowly, I started developing feelings for him.

Once we had a free period and he sat behind me. Suddenly he started singing our favourite song. Since I loved that song, I started singing along with him. We used to hang out together during school picnics and events and he would give me butterflies in my stomach!

On one such picnic, while coming back home, all students from our class were playing antakshari, and out of those 60 kids only me and him were singing our favourite song. He was looking deep in my eyes and I swear, I have never felt that way before. I thought he liked me too and that made me really happy. That was the best day for me!

After one year of crushing on him, my friends started teasing me by his name but I still couldn’t tell him how I feel. We had our board exams after that and the summer vacations started. I was upset that I wouldn’t get to see him often but one of our friends threw a party at his house and my friends convinced me to tell him about my feelings.

Internal - I proposed to my crush

I was super scared but gathering up courage I decided it was now or never. Afraid to really tell him face to face, I told him how I felt over text messages. I regretted it immediately.

He read the message after 15 minutes, but didn’t reply. I was sad and didn’t know how to react. I spent the entire day feeling miserable. He replied to my message after 24 hours. And said what I never wanted to hear.

He told me that he did not want to be in any relationship with anyone. I accepted it and said it was fine, what else was I supposed to say? But the fact that I had been rejected was heartbreaking. And he had taken 24 hours to even message me back.

We met again at a friend’s house but he did not talk to me or even looked at me. That made me feel worse. Our friendship was ruined. But what can you do in such a situation? I try my best to move forward. At least proposing to him was the most courageous thing I ever did.

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