MyGlamm’s First-Ever TVC Featuring Shraddha Kapoor Just Dropped! Watch It Here

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Aug 1, 2021
MyGlamm’s First-Ever TVC Featuring Shraddha Kapoor Just Dropped! Watch It Here

This has been an exciting year for all of us at MyGlamm & POPxo. In June, Shraddha joined MyGlamm as an investor and brand ambassador & ever since we welcomed the Bollywood superstar into the family, the celebrations have not stopped. MyGlamm has closed its series C funding round at Rs 530 crore with a mega top-up of Rs 355 crore, adding to the existing Rs 175 crore we had raised earlier this year in March. 

But if you thought this was it, we’ve got yet another milestone to share with you! MyGlamm has released its first-ever TV commercial with Shraddha, which captures the essence of the brand and the superstar perfectly, and explains exactly how important YOU are to us.

Watch the commercial here!

We see Shraddha looking stunning, doing her makeup like a pro, and talking to a friend on the phone about someone who listens to her patiently, pays attention to the little details, and knows what makes her skin glow and which lipstick suits her best. Cue a curious partner who is all ears and can’t wait to find out who Shraddha’s talking about! Turns out MyGlamm is her ‘mystery friend’, who’s always by her side to cater to all her beauty needs. 

Shraddha is as excited about this milestone as we are! She says, “I’m really excited to be a part of  MyGlamm’s first-ever TVC. I deeply resonate with the philosophy of the brand and their unique approach towards creating products women ask for that is reflected in this campaign.  Through MyGlamm I hope to understand and fulfil the beauty needs of my fans and followers.”

MyGlamm is the only Indian beauty brand that truly hears what its consumers want—because you put the My in MyGlamm! So here’s something special for you. Download the MyGlamm App, take The Great Glamm Survey and get a special gift from Shraddha Kapoor – her favourite MyGlamm lipstick!

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