#MyGlammXO: Everything You Need To Know About India’s Largest Beauty Democracy Initiative

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Aug 28, 2020
#MyGlammXO: Everything You Need To Know About India’s Largest Beauty Democracy Initiative

When it comes to the multi-million dollar beauty industry, we are used to brands deciding the kind of products we use. They sit in boardrooms and discuss our skin concerns, makeup trends in the market, and what women want and need in their beauty products. Well, we’re saying goodbye to these archaic practices and giving Indian women the power to decide what beauty should look like. 

So how’s this going to happen? Let me explain. Earlier this month, MyGlamm, India’s fastest-growing direct-to-consumer beauty brand and POPxo, India’s largest community of women came together to create the biggest content, community, and commerce company in South Asia. Collectively, we represent a community of 50 million women and have produced and sold millions of beauty products including makeup, skincare, and personal care items. 

When two companies–that support women and know how to celebrate beauty in all forms–come together, you know that history is being written. So here’s the next step that furthers our commitment towards supporting women, launching MyGlammXO–the world’s largest beauty democracy initiative.

What Is MyGlammXO?


MyGlammXO is a unique initiative that brings a paradigm shift in the beauty industry. The focus is on you, the focus is on the million women who deserve to have a say in what beauty means for them. The best part? From skincare to makeup and personal care, it’s you who’s going to be the decision-maker, you get the power to decide what you want, and you create your own beauty products with us.

Together, we come up with the biggest breakthroughs in the world of beauty. We will make products formulated with ingredients that are beneficial for your skin, products that are not just innovation but game-changers. And you know what that means? Products for you and by you that are cruelty-free and are strongly based on the foundations of clean beauty. Of course in a never-ending shade range!

We’re also bringing in the MyGlammXO INSIDER program that will reward users with redeemable points when they participate in the beauty democracy initiative. So get ready to answer some questions because the rewards are really exciting. You’ll get one point for each time you participate, which equals to a rupee that you can redeem on the MyGlamm website or app. When you sign up, you’ll directly get 150 points in your cart that you can spend as you please. Also, if you get your BFFs to sign up and shop then that means more points for you! Dollar dollar bills, y’all!

That’s not all, more benefits are coming your way peeps! 

We also have the MyGlammXO Beauty Creators program where you will receive a box of curated beauty products every month. You’ll receive skincare, makeup and personal care products from us every month, and then based on your feedback, we’ll co-create products together. How exciting is that!? Oh em gee… cannot keep calm!

Let’s Celebrate Women!


Both MyGlamm and POPxo have been about lending voices to women. It all starts with you and this journey of MyGlammXO focusses on your needs. So this is your chance, let’s create products you’ve always wanted. Become a part of the process from the start to the end. Now, isn’t that super exciting? So get your ‘Glamm’ on ‘coz this journey is going to be like no other!


We’re here to listen, we’re here to give you a platform to speak–be a part of the MyGlammXO. Trust us, there’s a new boss in the beauty industry now and it’s YOU!

POPxo and MyGlamm have come together to create the future of beauty with YOU! Take The Great Glamm Survey and get Beauty Benefits worth Rs 1000, including a FREE Lipstick from MyGlamm!

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