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WTF? Society In Mumbai Hosts A ‘Samosa Party’ To Celebrate Lockdown 4.0 Relaxations

WTF? Society In Mumbai Hosts A ‘Samosa Party’ To Celebrate Lockdown 4.0 Relaxations

We’re living in the middle of a global pandemic. A virus that has no known cure and is unresponsive to antibiotics has changed our lives. The whole world has basically put its shutters down and as human beings, we have one (very small) moral responsibility – practice social distancing. The only thing that can curb the virus from spreading and infecting more people. And how do you do that? By staying away from each other!

Maharashtra is one of the worst affected states in India and that definitely has something to do with the sheer number of people living in small, very closely connected spaces. Out of the 107,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in India, 35,058 are in Maharashtra alone. And if those numbers say (scream) something it is that we need to stay home, stay safe and AWAY from one another.

Lockdown 4.0 brought with it a few relaxations, especially for non-containment areas. Maharashtra, however, still remains a hotspot and well within the red zone. With all of this going on in the state, an upscale housing society by the name of Kukreja Palace in Ghatkopar East decides to have a samosa party!

According to social distancing norms, a gathering of five or more people is still prohibited. However, the members of Kukreja Palace seem to be living under some sort of a rock? In pictures shared on the internet, one can clearly see that there are at least 30-35 people, two of whom are playing musical instruments and another person distributing samosas. 

Please notice, no face masks, gloves or any protective gear was worn by any of these people. All this after we’ve read that the virus has mutated into a stronger, more deadly strain and that it can even spread through speech!

After photos of this (stupid-ignorant-reckless) celebration went viral on social media, two members of the society including the chairman were arrested. According to Tweeple, an ex BJP MLA by the name of Prakash Mehta also lives in the same society. 

We sincerely hope that people all over the country take social distancing norms more seriously. The virus is still claiming thousands of lives every single day, we don’t have anything to celebrate yet. Please don’t take lockdown 4.0 as a free pass to party with your friends or host large gatherings!

We have just one thing to say to all the residents of Kukreja Palace

Featured Image: Twitter

20 May 2020

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