Beauty Mavens, This Multi-Masking Hair Trend Will Give You The Glossiest Locks Ever!

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  May 27, 2021
The Complete Guide To Try The Multi-Masking Hair Hack


We have all got a multitude of hair concerns, don’t we? Parts of our strands demand hydration while our scalp needs deep cleansing. A fleeting bad hair day here and there is one thing but if you’re dealing with brittle, damaged strands- say goodbye to the one-and-done approach of shampooing and conditioning and try the multi-masking instead. Trust us, it can legit turn the game around for you. 

So what exactly is multi-masking? It’s the practice of layering different hair masks on different areas of your hair and scalp at the same time- this bespoke, tailor-made treatment uses a purifying mask for the scalp, an uber-nourishing formula to add radiance to dull mid-lengths, and a third one to soften and moisturise the ends. So if you wish to try this bomb-ass routine, keep swiping for the cheat sheet to transform your tresses.

The Step-By-Step Guide To Multi-Mask Your Hair


Pre-Mask Hair Wash

On-board with the multi-masking hair trend? Good for you! This hair care hack will give you the glossiest hair of your life. The concept is simple, tailoring products based on your hair needs. But first things first, as a prep step you need to wash your hair first. We recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo. Take a dollop of it onto the palms and massage the suds into already wet hair, make sure you don’t scratch your scalp. Then rinse thoroughly, lightly towel dry your hair before you follow up with the rest of the steps.

To Detoxify Your Scalp

Hair health starts at the scalp- so make sure you give it the much-needed TLC every couple of weeks. We are low-key obsessed with scalp-scrubs. If you have an oily scalp, we recommend using it on your scalp while treating the rest of your hair with a rich conditioner. The scrub will detox, cleanse and replenish the scalp. If dandruff flakes are a problem, try mixing apple cider vinegar with some clay till it makes a runny paste and apply it all over your scalp.

Apply A Nourishing Mask From Top To Mid-Lengths

Opt for a hair mask that’s a bit lighter as heavier products tend to weigh it down, making your hair greasy faster. We recommend investing in an uber-nourishing formula packed with ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin B, keratin, argan oil, and collagen that strengthens and conditions the hair making it look so shiny. You can also try our DIY hair mask recipes that rival the abilities of expensive masks available in the market.

Seal Those Ends

With additional hours on our hands, it’s time to make use of it and do the thing we’ve been putting off, like giving your hair ends the care it deserves. Ends are mostly brittle and susceptible to damage, making it really important to nourish it using an uber-hydrating formula. We recommend adding leave-in treatment for dry ends to your repertoire. Or if you don’t have a separate hair mask for this, coconut oil will also do the trick. Check out our DIY hair masks that will help you get rid of split ends in a jiffy.

Rinse It Off With Water

Whether you’ve dry ends, frizzy mid-lengths and oily roots, or any other hair combination, this hack is sure to give you healthier, shinier, and stronger locks. Make sure you leave the masks on for around 15-20 minutes before you rinse them off. Also, note that your hair isn’t too wet before you proceed with your hair mask, as water dilutes the mask, thus degrading its strength to work its magic. 

Hop on this hair trend to get the glossiest hair of your life.

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