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The Best Hair Spa Creams That’ll Give You Those Celeb-Esque Luscious Locks

The Best Hair Spa Creams That’ll Give You Those Celeb-Esque Luscious Locks

We know, we know. A hair spa cream is to our hair care routine what a moisturiser is to our skincare stash. It’s your shampoo’s unfailing sidekick and a must use any time you wash your hair. While good hair days come few and far in between, hair spa cream is the OG superhero that’ll give you the shiniest, silkiest hair ever.

However, of all the beauty must-haves out there, your hair spa cream is one of the most subjective. Thick and textured or fine and oily – different hair types need entirely different treatment. That said, your BFF’s holy grail bottle might not turn out to be the love of your life. So after trying a hefty number of bottles, we’re listing down the finest formulations packed with clever ingredients that will smooth flyaways, add shine, and remedy all the overzealous styling.  

The Best Hair Spa Creams For Silky, Smooth Tresses

If you want to give your strands a nourishing creamy boost and seal in the moisture, keep scrolling for hair-restoring, ultra-hydrating hair spa creams for every hair concern.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

The reviews really say it all with this hair spa cream. This blend is specifically formulated to look after hair that is weak and prone to falling due to breakage. It provides strength to the hair fibre and softens it, without weighing your hair down – basically ticking all the right boxes giving you shiny and healthy locks.

Suitable for: Best hair spa cream for thick, damaged hair.

L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Masque

If you’re looking for salon-worthy hair spa results at home, this is the best hair spa cream to call on. This hair spa cream uses the brand’s patented repairing formula that’s totally safe for colour treated hair. From repairing split ends to healing weakened hair bonds and taming flyaways along the way – it works wonders!

Suitable for: Best hair spa cream for damaged hair.

Zobha Hair Mask Spa Pure Argan Oil

Loved for their effective, result-driven haircare, this award-winning formula by Zobha will strengthen your hair bonds, repair damaged hair, and prevent further breakage. The best part? It works on all hair textures and types, even if your tresses are coloured or chemically treated.

Suitable for: Best hair spa cream for dry, frizzy hair.

Schwarzkopf Professional SPA Essence Enriching Cream Masque

If you struggle to find anything that imparts enough moisture to your strands, this hair spa cream is about to become your holy grail. It’s infused with all the heavy-hitters you can think of and is the best hair spa cream that can also double up as a deep conditioning mask. Not to mention, it will make your hair smell like a dream. The result? Fuller, longer, and softer hair that also smell amazing.

Suitable for: Best hair spa cream for damaged hair.

SANCTUS Hair Spa Cream Mask With Anti-dandruff Non-sticky Formula

This uber-nourishing blend delivers the deepest hydration in the land. It is paramount to re-introducing lost moisture back to your strands, making your tresses shinier and smoother. The unique hair spa cream imparts softness to strands without calling on heavy conditioning extracts. So if you’re looking for a purse-friendly option, this is the brand to bag.  

Suitable for: Best hair spa cream for dry and dandruff-prone hair.

Jovees Argan Oil Hair Spa Masque

This blend can fix all of your frizz, poofiness, split ends, damage, dryness, and general blahness. If you’re looking to smooth your locks into its silkiest potential – this is a brilliant hair spa cream to call on. It provides the best of both worlds: meaning you can have volume and shine. This clever co-wash makes it easy to get kinks and coils looking their natural best.

Suitable for: Best hair spa cream for curly hair.

KT Professional Kehairtherapy Hair Spa Argan Oil Masque

Hydration is the goal here, and KT Professional has nailed it. Due to myriad options, it’s easy to pick a bottle in haste that leaves your hair static, weighs it down or makes it look dry, and brittle. That’s where this hair spa cream comes in handy – It promotes the growth of longer locks while inducing strength and shine to it without weighing it down. TBH, formulations of this quality usually come in at thrice the price, so we suggest stocking it up now.

Suitable for: Best hair spa cream for damaged hair. 

Auli Hair Repair Spa

This hair spa cream is gonna be your hair’s saving grace. It finds bonds that have been broken down by various different aggregators and quite literally reconnects them. It reinforces every last strand to create healthier, stronger, more resilient hair with every use. Apply it post-shampoo and say hi to luscious locks. This stuff is magic!

Suitable for: Best hair spa cream for straightened hair. 

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Now that you know of the best hair spa creams, add these to your cart to never have a bad hair day again!

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29 Nov 2021

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