This 76 YO Fashion Influencer Is Nailing It On ‘Gram & Giving Us Major Style Inspo!

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  May 20, 2021
This 76 YO Fashion Influencer Is Nailing It On ‘Gram & Giving Us Major Style Inspo!


A few months ago, I was teaching my grandma how to add more people to a video call. And I have to tell you, the moment she saw all her four kids together on her phone screen, she was beyond ecstatic. Since then, my granny has become kinda obsessed with social media and has made a profile on every platform. Turns out, she enjoys sharing her selfies on Instagram way more than I do. TBH, I think it’s amazing! And just like me, if you also adore watching our older folks having a blast on the ‘Gram, then you have to follow Mrs Verma.

Wait, Mrs Verma, who? Well, she’s our 76-years-old (read young) OG fashion influencer who’s nailing it on Insta. Take a look at this uber-cool video to know what we’re talking about:

Isn’t she adorbs?! She and her husband, Mr Verma, share some really fun dance videos together and OMG, they are hella cute. Take a look:

Oh and did we mention that Mrs Verma has a saree collection that you would want in your closet STAT? She does! Also, she promotes sustainable fashion and loves making Reels. Seriously, how much cooler can she get?

Mrs Verma simply proves what we have heard a million times before—age is, indeed, just a number! You don’t have to be of any specific age to do what you want to. And, whoever says otherwise, ask them to follow Mrs Verma.


BTW, loving her subtle makeup look? Add these products to your cart STAT!

Well, the next time I need to learn the five ways to sport a denim attire, I know who I am taking style inspo from!

Feature Image: Instagram