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This 24-Year-Old Gujarat Woman Is Taking Self Love To A Whole New Level By Marrying Herself 

This 24-Year-Old Gujarat Woman Is Taking Self Love To A Whole New Level By Marrying Herself 

Perhaps Katrina Kaif got it right when she said, “Kisi aur ki mujhko zaroorat kya, main toh khud se pyaar jataun” in Tees Maar Khan. There is a reason why we are talking about this ultimate self-love anthem today. Recently, we came across an unusual wedding announcement—24-year-old Kshama Bindu from Gujarat is all set to get married this month. So what’s unusual about this? There is no groom/bride. She is getting married to herself!

While Kshama didn’t wish to get married to someone, she loved the idea of becoming a bride. So she decided to practice sologamy, which means marrying your own self. Speaking about the same, Kshama told a leading daily, “I never wanted to get married. But I did want to become a bride. So I decided to marry myself. Maybe I am the first to set an example of self-love in our country.”


The bride-to-be added, “Self-marriage is a commitment to be there for yourself and unconditional love for oneself. People marry someone they love. I love myself and hence this wedding. What I am actually trying to portray is that women matter.”

Kshama has planned a grand ceremony for herself and her parents are also on board with the idea. She has written her own wedding vows that she’ll recite during the traditional saat pheras (seven rounds of holy fire) and the celebration will take place in Gujarat. That’s not all, the bride-to-be has also planned a two-week honeymoon in Goa where she’ll enjoy some ‘me-time’.


NGL, this plan sounds like a total fun fest! As someone who is exhausted with the current dating scene, the idea of sologamy appears truly exciting to me. While many of you may not understand what inspired Kshama to go for this path, we are glad to see her happy. After all, happiness is what all of us are looking for in a relationship, right? If Kshama finds it in sologamy, more power to her.

We can’t wait for the pictures from Kshama’s wedding! We bet she’ll make for a beautiful bride, don’t you agree?

Feature Image Credit: Instagram

02 Jun 2022

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