7 Mascara Hacks That’ll Help You Achieve Flirty & Fluttery Lashes In A Jiffy

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Sep 28, 2021
7 Mascara Hacks That’ll Help You Achieve Flirty & Fluttery Lashes In A Jiffy


Who doesn’t wish for ultra-thick and long lashes? If you are already blessed with naturally curled, thick lashes, you are one of the lucky ones. But, in case you don’t have any of those features, it’s okay because mascara is here to save the day. Many believe that mascara by itself just isn’t enough to bring that lash game full circle, but that isn’t entirely true. The devil’s in the details as there are ways to get desirably lush lashes with your mascara alone.

All you need to do is apply it right. For that, there are certain tips and tricks to consider when applying mascara in order to ensure you get the most out of this lash-boosting product. Read on to find out how exactly you should apply mascara so that your lashes are beautifully fanned and visibly fuller.

Mascara Rules To Follow For Fuller Lashes

Use A Lash Curler


Even if your mascara boasts of a curling effect, you should pre-curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. This nifty tool will press your lashes into a natural curl so that when you apply mascara, you get a soft curled shape. Eyelash curlers will lengthen your lashes and give them a lovely lift. 

Prep With A Lash Primer

Lash primers are an underrated makeup product because they truly are amazing. If you have thin and sparse lashes, an eyelash primer gives you more volume. It also works hard to make your mascara last longer, just like how a base primer works to extend the wear of your foundation. Apply lash primer to your upper and lower lashes and then let it set for at least 30 seconds. You can then move on to applying mascara. 

Apply Mascara At The Roots

You may think that one swipe of the mascara wand on your lashes is enough, but that isn’t the case. You need to ensure the roots of your lashes get enough of the product too. That’s why begin by wriggling the mascara wand at the roots of your lashes and then swipe upwards to cover the lengths. This will make a huge difference. 

Coat Both Sides Of Your Lashes


The mascara shouldn’t just be applied beneath the lashes. The other side requires your attention too. The secret to achieving thick lashes with mascara is to apply the product at the top side of your lashes too. To apply it at the top, look downwards and wriggle and swipe your lashes to cover them uniformly.

Tip The Lower Lash Line

Applying mascara to the lower lash lines can be tricky but it is vital. Although, you may find that the regular application motions just don’t cut it. That is because your lower lash line is thinner and therefore requires a different approach. To apply mascara on the lower lash lines, use only the tip of the mascara wand. This way there is a lesser risk of smudging during application. Using the tip of the wand will give you more control and your lower lashes will be well defined sans clumps.

Apply Translucent Powder Between Coats

If you didn’t know about the volumising power of loose powder, now you do. Powder can help you achieve ten times more volume with your mascara. Simply dab some loose powder with a brush on your lashes after your first coat of mascara and then go on to apply a second coat of mascara. Thank us later!

Focus On The Outer Corners

If you focus on applying more mascara on the outer lashes, you will have a much more beautifully defined set of lashes. This step will make your outer lashes more prominent and give your eyes a natural upturned lift. 

If you are looking for the perfect mascara to get started, here’s what we recommend:

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these mascara hacks right away!

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