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Mamma! Here’s Why You Must Use A Pregnancy Pillow

Mamma! Here’s Why You Must Use A Pregnancy Pillow

They say that eight to nine hours of sleep is essential during pregnancy. It helps you relax, destress, feel rejuvenated, and pretty much does the same for your growing bubba. But how much sleep do pregnant women really get? Almost close to zero. Sleep is elusive during pregnancy because of the growing bump and your changing body. Not to mention the frequent sleep disruptions that you might experience, including frequent trips to the washroom and increased restlessness. But you know what can help? A super comfortable pregnancy pillow that is especially designed to support your body.

Take it from all experienced mums who’ll agree in unison that pregnancy pillows are a godsend and a great item to include in your cart. After all, a well-rested mum means a happy and healthy bubba. 

What Is A Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows provide support to your body

A pregnancy or maternity pillow is much bigger than a standard pillow and is available in different shapes and sizes to offer you the ultimate comfort. Most traditional pillows aren’t designed to hug the contours of a pregnant body, making mothers vulnerable to leg cramps, back pain, pelvic stiffness. But a pregnancy pillow can provide extra support in these affected areas and ensure that you get a comfortable sleep.

5 Reasons You Need A Pregnancy Pillow

Apart from providing additional support to pregnant bodies, a pregnancy pillow is also useful for the following reasons:

Enhances Blood Circulation

Pregnant women are often advised to sleep on their left side as it promotes blood circulation. However, this can become uncomfortable as the belly grows with each passing month. Pregnancy pillows are designed with soft cushioning and give you improved support to sleep on the side with the bump. This eases and promotes blood circulation in the body.

It Eliminates Pressure On The Hips, Lower Back, And Pelvis

As the bodyweight increases, your hips, back, and legs feel immense pressure. You may find yourself tossing and turning through the night with not a single sleep position that’s comfortable. Worry not. A pregnancy pillow will offer you the required comfort by properly aligning the body parts and ensuring you don’t feel stiff all night.

It Will Help You Sleep Soundly

Well, isn’t that good to hear? For some mums, it will be reason enough to invest in a good-quality pregnancy pillow. Adjusting sleep positions during pregnancy may seem like the most difficult challenge for mums. Thankfully, a pregnancy pillow helps you make these adjustments effortlessly and facilitates better sleep. 

With good sleep, you will feel energised and more relaxed. Also, it will help uplift your mood and you will finally be able to bid goodbye to constant feelings of anger and irritation. 

It’s 100% Portable

Pregnancy pillows are made with lightweight materials and easily fit in your travel bags. This will ensure comfortable sleep no matter where you are headed, whether it’s a babymoon with your partner or a trip to your parent’s house.

It Comes To Handy Post-pregnancy Too

Believe it or not, you can put your maternity pillow to use even after your baby’s arrival. Fold it to use as a nursing pillow or for supporting your back while you are feeding.

Also, remember that your body is still recovering from childbirth and can require extra comfort and support. You can also turn the pillow into a sleep accessory for your little one, and place it in a way to keep your baby safe and ensure proper sleep position.

Different Types Of Pregnancy Pillows You Can Use

There are various kinds of pregnancy pillows to suit your sleeping needs

There are different types of pregnancy pillows suitable for pregnant women according to their pregnancy stage and sleeping style.

  • Full-length Pillows: These pillows are straight and include a minor arc to provide support. It offers decent flexibility and you can use them however you want, depending on your sleeping needs. You can place your arms and legs around it, with its center supporting the bump. 
  • Wedges: These are the smallest of all pregnancy pillows and are designed to offer support to a target area, such as the bump or lower back. These pillows can help you sleep comfortably on your side or back and prevent you from rolling over. You can also use it underneath your head to elevate your upper body. Wedges are versatile and portable and can be easily carried while travelling.
  • Total Body Pillows: These pillows are long and can be tucked between your knees. They prevent back and hip pains and are suitable options during your second trimester. They are available in two varieties: C-shaped and U-shaped. 

C-shaped pillows support the head, back, tummy, and neck. You can place it on your head or hold it in a curve-like structure while sleeping. And if you feel comfortable sleeping on your back, you should use a U-shaped pillow as they support the complete body, including the back and the bump. 

Due to its bigger size, a pregnancy pillow offers more comfort and suits any sleeping position. While you are choosing a pillow, make sure to consider the trimester you are in and your sleeping position. 

24 Mar 2022

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