Malaika Arora Shares 6-Step Pre-Makeup Skincare Routine & We’re Jotting Down The Pointers

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 28, 2021
Malaika Arora Shares 6-Step Pre-Makeup Skincare Routine & We’re Jotting Down The Pointers


Some actresses in the Bollywood industry have time and again proved that age is just a number. Names like Rekha, Malaika Arora, Tabu and many more come to mind when we think of B-town divas who have aged like fine wine. One can only wonder what fountain-of-youth magic is in their skincare that makes them not only cease to age but look even better year over year, right?

If you’re one of us skincare aficionados who would love an answer to this question, we have got news for you. Malaika Arora just shared a brief video that explains her skincare routine before her makeup, and we have taken meticulous notes.

The Low-Down On Malaika’s Skincare Routine

If you’re keen to know how Malaika preps her skin right before her makeup, here’s how:

Step 1: A Wake Up Call

Malaika wakes her skin up with a facial mist. She then follows it up with a moisturiser or eye cream to moisturise her under-eye area. Well-moisturised skin can also help in holding your makeup in place for long hours.

Step 2: Goodbye Under Eye Bags

After lubricating her delicate under-eye area with a moisturiser or eye cream, she likes to massage it gently with the smaller side of a rose quartz facial roller. This helps with the lymphatic drainage, and hence no puffy eyes.

Step 3: Regaining Moisture

Malaika can be seen moisturising her face and neck with a facial moisturiser. She makes sure to point out that the neck should not be forgotten. Bonus skincare points, Malaika!

Step 4: Jade Roll Your Way Out Of Puffy Skin

If you’re following this skincare routine, then you will need to pick your rose quartz facial massager again and start massaging your cream in for better absorption of the product. this way your fingertips won’t be able to absorb and hence, waste most of your skincare.

Step 5: A Soothing face Massage

Massaging the face in the morning can help with lymphatic drainage which can help you get rid of accumulated toxins under the skin. This can wake your skin up, make it look less puffy, and refreshen it.

Step 6: For Picture Perfect Lips

Your last step would be lip care. Slather your favourite lip balm or lip mask all over your lips to prep them for heavy-duty lipsticks that will follow!

Will you try this easy peasy makeup prep skincare routine?

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