Malaika Arora Went ‘No Pants, No Problem’ In A Shirt+Boots & The Latter Has Us Worried

Abhilasha TyagiAbhilasha Tyagi  |  Feb 1, 2021
Malaika Arora Went ‘No Pants, No Problem’ In A Shirt+Boots & The Latter Has Us Worried


Malaika Arora and her gang of girls recently got together for Amrita Arora’s birthday bash and as is custom for even close-knit gatherings, everyone decked up for the occasion. Now, the Bollywood actress is usually the best dressed on all lists and there is just no denying the fact that her style is impeccable only this time, it sort of went off-route and not in a good way. 

Malaika Arora’s Recent Outfit

For starters, she picked almost knee-high boots in super humid weather (sobs in discomfort) and even if that were to be ignored, Malaika Arora’s outfit looked like the sort of last-minute thing you put together in haste. Add to that the disarray of accessories and it just didn’t translate the way it could have. Scroll and see for yourselves. 

Malaika Arora in Huemn


All of that got us wondering and here are some queries we had with respect to that outfit. 

1. Girl, we LOVE that shirt and we stan oversized but did you really have to go ALL out with the sizing?
2. What are those boots, and why?
3. 90s cowboy movies called and they really want them back right now.
4. What’s with the huge monstrosity that is the orange tote and to reiterate yet again, why would you?
5. Back to the boots for a hot second, isn’t it like 30 degrees and beyond in Mumbai?
6. Did you forget there was a party and then make a dash for it because been there done that. 

We could go on but to give credit where it’s due, we love the Huemn shirt with the Bukowski print on it. All we wish is that Malaika Arora would have worked it with the same on-point styling she usually brings to her off-duty looks. As for the digitally printed unisex shirt, you can add it to your wardrobe if investing in a statement piece is on the cards, as long you steer clear of white boots and orange totes. Though some makeup finds to go along will work in your favour, we think. Take a peek. 

We suppose this is just a one-off situation because the actress really does put her best foot forward on most occasions, whether it requires dressing up to the nines or keeping it casual. Let’s hope we see Malaika Arora bounce back with the A-game on the sartorial front soon enough!

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