You Need To Bookmark Malaika Arora’s Smokey Eye Makeup Look For Your Bestie’s Cocktail

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Oct 14, 2021
You Need To Bookmark Malaika Arora’s Smokey Eye Makeup Look For Your Bestie’s Cocktail


When we think Malaika Arora, there is no doubt in the world that she looks hot in anything she chooses to flaunt. This celeb knows exactly how to slay a style aesthetic — hair, makeup, outfit and confidence. So, it is only wise to take beauty inspiration from this queen which we know will be the best decision ever. This festive season, Malaika Arora has opted for a gold-toned ensemble and the most gorgeous brown smokey eye makeup to go with it. How did she do it? We decode her makeup for you.

Recreate Malaika Arora’s Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Step 1: Skincare Soirée

Begin by cleansing, toning, and moisturising your skin. Once the moisturiser is absorbed into your skin, apply a lightweight sunscreen.

Step 2: Base Is Boss

If you nail your base makeup, trust that the rest of your makeup will look professional too. Prime skin and then blend on a hydrating foundation. Use a damp makeup sponge to achieve a skin-like effect. Use a concealer if required and blend it with the sponge. 

Step 3: Dazzle & Shine

Blend bronzer into the hairline, jawline, and beneath the cheekbones. Add blush to your cheeks and highlight the high points of your face. Use cream formulas or powder formulas that are infused with shimmer.

Step 4: Smokey Business

Prep your lids with a tinted primer and then use a brown eyeliner pencil to draw a line along the crease of the lids and upper lash lines. Blend the eyeliner so that there are no harsh lines. Use a dark brown eyeshadow on the lash line and blend it upwards. Add a touch of burnt sienna eyeshadow to the centre of the lids. Highlight the brow bones with gold eyeshadow. Stick on false lashes and line the lower lash line with kohl.

Step 5: Pucker Up

Exfoliate your lips with a scrub and then moisturise with a balm. Line your lips with a nude pencil. Swipe on a pearlescent nude lipstick.

This simple makeup decode will have you festive ready in no time!

Featured Images: Instagram