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An AMAZING Homemade Scrub To Get Rid Of Your Tan!

An AMAZING Homemade Scrub To Get Rid Of Your Tan!

Every Indian girl looks for “the perfect solution” to get rid of a tan that is totally ruining her look. Girl, fret not, because here is a super effective, tried and tested (on myself and all my friends :P) method to remove the Indian summer tan. Everyone I’ve shared this method with swears by it and you’ll see the results for yourself!

Tan Removal Body Scrub At Home – The Most Effective Recipe

If you have always procrastinated this task fearing the tedious efforts and unavailability of ingredients then this recipe is absolutely for you. This home made body scrub for tan removal is super easy to make!

What Do You Need?

Everything that you need to make this simple and all-natural scrub and polish 2-in-1 tan remover can be found in your kitchen at home, so there’s no hassle of spending money on useless chemical-based creams and pastes. 1. Gram Flour (besan): 7-8 tablespoons 2. Lemon: 1-2 (based on size) 3. Turmeric (haldi): A pinch 4. Curd: 4 tablespoons 5. Sugar (non-powdered): 1 tablespoon 6. Sandalwood (chandan): A pinch (if available) 7. Extra-virgin Olive Oil: 7-8 drops

1 Remove tan at home


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How Do You Make It?

1. Use a medium sized bowl that you can take with you to the washroom. Personally, I would recommend a steel bowl.

2. Put the gram flour into the bowl along with a pinch of turmeric and sandalwood. Gram flour acts as the base with great qualities for skin smoothing and replenishment, while turmeric and sandalwood add a natural glow to the skin.

3. Add sugar to the mixture which acts as a natural scrub for the body.


4. Squeeze the lemon(s) into the mixture. Lemons are one of nature’s most readily available bleaching agents.

5. Curd has a great cooling and softening effect on skin. Add it to the mixture.

6. Take a tablespoon and mix it till it becomes a semi-solid paste. It just takes 5 minutes once you collect the ingredients and voila! Your all natural scrub and polish tan remover is ready!

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2 remove tan at home

What Do You Do With It?

1. Carry the bowl to your washroom.

2. Change into clothes that you don’t mind soiling.

3. Apply a thin layer of the mixture with your fingers generously all over your arms, legs and face (or wherever you’d like to de-tan).


4. Keep it on for about 20 minutes till the paste dries on your body (you could watch a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode, I mean I usually do that).

5. Finally scrub it off in the shower with warm water.

6. Once your body is cleansed of the mixture, wash your skin with a shower gel.

7. Dry your body and moisturize. This scrub and polish tan remover will make your miseries of a bad summer tan a thing of the past.


This summer, you can confidently flaunt your body in shorts and crop tops without worrying. Plus, if you have some mixture left after you’ve detanned, you can store it in the refrigerator and reuse it by adding some curd next time.

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