9 Adorable Ways To Make Him Blush (Just Because You Can!)

Manika ParasherManika Parasher  |  Nov 20, 2016
9 Adorable Ways To Make Him Blush (Just Because You Can!)


If you want to make your boyfriend smile from ear to ear, and turn his cheeks pink (in a good way!), here are some things we recommend you definitely try!

1. Whisper sweet nothings to him when you’re out in public

When you’re out together with people and you whisper something sweet only for him to hear, he is bound to blush! Say something flirty or genuinely heartfelt.

2. Wear something sexy, just for him!

Wear some pretty lingerie and sneak into bed when he isn’t looking. Needless to say, when he finally does look, he will be smiling from ear to ear!

make your boyfriend smile

3. Send him a super cute message about how amazing he is…

A random text message during the day about how much you love and appreciate him for the things he does – it’s bound to make his cheeks all pink. Don’t you think?!

4. Compliment him in front of people

While what you say to him when it’s just the two of you is probably enough, but sometimes, getting a compliment from your partner in front of people can make your day. So go on, shower him with compliments and make him blush!

make your boyfriend smile

5. Give him a special mention on social media!

Or put up a super cute picture of the two of you with a sweet caption. Knowing that you want the world to know about the two of you (or about how great he is) will leave him smiling for a while to come!

6. Have a present delivered to him!

Why should only guys do the whole “getting flowers and chocolates” delivered thing? Think of something that he would really like and have it delivered to him! Whether it’s his favourite kind of food or a copy of the movie he loves, just thinking about how thoughtful you are will be enough to make him blush!

make your boyfriend smile

7. Tease him a little!

Whether by giving him a slight preview of what he’s going to witness tonight in the bedroom, or by simply just teasing him with the quirky nickname you have for him! Easy way to make his cheeks flush. 😉

8. Whisper something incredibly naughty at the dinner table

While you’re in company…! 😉

make your boyfriend smile

9. Make an effort with his friends and family!

Get in touch with his mom for something you’re both interested in, or plan a surprise for him with his best friends. You making an effort with his people, and in return, them saying good things about you will make him happy and blush like nothing else!

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