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Written In The Stars: Here Are The Luckiest Lipsticks For Every Zodiac Sign

Written In The Stars: Here Are The Luckiest Lipsticks For Every Zodiac Sign




If you are reading this article, chances are that at least once in your life your zodiac prediction has been accurate. So, if it really has helped to shape your decisions, why not use it to choose the colour of your fav makeup too? Today, we’re giving you a low down of which is the luckiest lipstick colour for you as per your sun sign. Astrology lovers, you’ve gotta try these out.

Here Are The Luckiest Lipsticks According To Your Zodiac Sign



For Aries, the fieriest of the fire signs, a classic red is appropriate. Your lucky colour is in fact red and what says in it to win it like a bold lip shade? It’s timeless and gorgeous and the colour looks superb on Indian skin tones.



Hey there stunner, we suggest that you go for more earthy tones like corals, peaches, and light browns because it compliments your alluring and sensual personality perfectly. You’re the perfect candidate for the my lips but better shades.



For Geminis, the lucky colours are yellows, blues, and oranges and we suggest that you give into these eclectic tastes when it comes to lipsticks. Go for a poppy orange or a neon shade to really bring out the fun element of your personality.



For you, Cancerians, we’ve got the colour blush pink because it’s just like your aura- inviting, warm and charming. A pink glittery glossy lipstick would make you shine bright and look stunning.


Leos are dramatic and extra and your lipstick needs to say that. We suggest going with a bright plum shade to feel bold, beautiful and hella sexy.



Virgos are nothing, if not polished. With earthy tones of green, grey, browns. We suggest going for an elegant mocha shade on your lips. Even caramel hues and coffee colours will suit your personality, stunners!



Chamers of the zodiac, Librans are so associated with beauty itself that no colour will look bad on you. We suggest something to mirror your balanced persona with a soft nude shade that will be perfect for any occasion. 



For Scorpios, rich brick reds would be a great pick thanks to their ultra-sexy persona. Ditch the mattes and go with lipsticks that have a sheen to look even more alluring.



Cheerful and bright- deep oranges would be ideal for you to choose from. Always ready to explore and the travelers of the zodiac, this would look great everytime you want to choose the offbeat path.   


For Capricorns, the stoic and calm people we’re suggesting something serious and something totally out of the box. It’s fun to mix it up every now and then with this deep purple, black shade.




How can Aquarians be taken away from the water? We suggest giving homage to what you are from the inside and going for a blue lipstick, you’ll definitely be able to pull it off.


For Pisces being muted and mysterious comes with their personality so we pick a cool and subtle mauve lipstick for you. Wear this and you can really live up to your personality.


So, pouting according to your zodiac sign, yet?

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28 Oct 2020

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