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Here's Why You'll Get Dumped According To Your Zodiac Sign

Here's Why You'll Get Dumped According To Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes, it's not them, it's you. No one wants to get dumped or deserves to be in the first place. However, sometimes it's essential for personal growth. Especially for the other person. Maybe you have some unresolved issues to take care of, or you probably need to learn how to tame of your own demons - I don't know! But here's why you could possibly get dumped according to your zodiac sign. 

1. Aries

You can be a very demanding partner, Aries. You are a perfectionist by heart and you won't accept anything but the best in a relationship. This very quality of yours can create cracks in a relationship. When you learn how to accept your lover for who they are, that's when your relationship will blossom.

2. Taurus

You can't always be in the right, Taurus. Your stubborn nature can make your partner want to abandon the relationship. You need to learn how to listen without offering your two cents in between. Be more accepting of their viewpoints and don't be afraid to own up to your mistakes from time to time.   

3. Gemini


The day you stop overthinking and doubting your partner will be the day you finally win their heart for life! Stop with the mind games to get their attention. You will only push them further away if you continue your ways. Give them their space when they ask for it and learn how to trust them without asking too many questions.  

4. Cancer

There are ways to get your partner's love, and emotionally blackmailing them is not one of them. Set your partner free if you want them to come back into your arms. Avoid going into your shell when your partner has a difference in opinion. Instead of worrying about tomorrow, enjoy the time with your partner today. 

5. Leo


We get that you're attractive, Leo, but you don't have to look for love elsewhere if you're already in a committed relationship. Change your flirtatious ways and learn to appreciate what you have in front of you. Because, if you don't, someone else will.  

6. Virgo 

Do you ever pay attention to your partner? What do they like? How's their day going? What's their favourite food? Our advice to you would be is to give the relationship your 100%. Not 50% or 20%. If you can't give them your all, then set them free. No one deserves a type of love that's half-hearted.  

7. Libra

When you're in love, you pour your energy and love entirely to that one person. This is sweet but could turn toxic later on. You don't want to be dependant on them or let them assume you're a pushover. Never give up on your character, your dreams and ambitions to make someone happy. You will end up being the unhappy person by the end of it.  

8. Scorpio

There's always going to be someone who is prettier and smarter than you. There's nothing to feel insecure about. Your guy is probably with you because he's chosen you and not some other girl. Jealousy and possessiveness could drive your man up the wall if you don't get rid of those two emotions. 

9. Saggitarius


One of the main reasons you could get dumped is because you are unable to emotionally connect with your partner. You say things as they are without considering your lover's feelings. Being disrespectful to their emotions and not being able to offer emotional support to them could push them to find someone new. 

10. Capricorn

Your need to control everything can make your partner feel caged. Remember, you don't own them. Be bossy somewhere else, not with your lover. Stop keeping tabs on them and stalking their social media and checking their text messages. This attitude of yours will make them want to leave you for good.   

11. Aquarius

You need to control your tongue when you're stressed. Out of pressure, you could get really rude and insensitive to your partner's feelings. Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words. When your partner is emotionally stressed, pick and choose your words wisely. 

12. Pisces


You are too emotional and dramatic when you're unhappy. You also need to realise that not everyone has that emotional and mental capacity to deal with your problems. They will probably let you go if it becomes too much for them to handle. Don't worry, they probably never deserved your love in the first place. 

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