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6 Problems EVERY Girl With Long Hair Has & How To Fix Them!

6 Problems EVERY Girl With Long Hair Has & How To Fix Them!

Girls are always oohing and aahing at your gorgeous length, but only you know the real struggles of maintaining long locks. From clogging your drain to always getting in the way, your long hair problems have definitely tempted you into considering chopping it all off at some point. Well, we help you fall in love again with your amazing length with these common long hair problems and their solutions. Go on and appreciate your enviable locks!

1. So Many Knots

1 long hair problems

Your hair is always tangled! No matter how much you comb and brush it, it just seems to get knotted up every minute.

The Fix: All that friction against your pillow only causes even more tangles. It’s time you finally made the switch to a silk pillowcase to avoid waking up to a tangled mess. Also be sure not to rip your hair brush through your mane; if you hear that cracking sound it means your hair is breaking, so STOP! Instead, use your fingers to detangle. Another awesome alternative is investing in a tangle teezer (Rs 899), which is designed to detangle hair with short, flexible bristles without pulling out fragile strands. It’s become quite a cult product in the beauty world.


2. You Run Out Of Conditioner Faster Than Shampoo

Us long-haired girls know, for every dollop of shampoo you use on your scalp, you’ll need two or three times that amount of conditioner on your long mid-lengths and ends. Getting through your conditioner faster than your shampoo can be super annoying.

The Fix: It’s best to use a conditioner that is more concentrated so you won’t need loads and loads of the products. A rich conditioner like Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner (Rs 1,395) will help nourish your ends without you using a palmful of product every time.

3. Your Hair Falls EVERYWHERE!

3 long hair problems

You leave strands of hair dangling everywhere – from your office chair to your clothes. It’s like your hair leaves a trail behind you!


The Fix: Like we said, your pillow causes friction and friction causes breakage. That’s yet another reason to switch to silk or satin. Also, you really shouldn’t be sleeping with your hair loose as tossing and turning all night will cause more damage and hair fall. Pulling your locks into a loose braid or top knot is wise before hitting the sack. Besides, not letting your hair loose as you sleep will also cut down on tangles, so it’s a win-win.

4. And It Gets In The Way Of Everything!!

Once your mane grows past a certain length, it WILL get caught in your clothes, accidentally dip in whatever food you’re eating, fly in your boyfriend’s mouth on a windy day and so on. You know how true this is!

The Fix: Well, isn’t it obvious? Tie it up!! We really can’t think about stepping out without a barrage of rubber bands and clips at our disposal. Long hair is a beautiful miracle of nature, but sometimes you just can’t have it flying loose. For days when you absolutely must leave it loose, use a straightening serum like Matrix Smooth Straight Split End Serum (Rs. 410) to help it behave and stay in place.

5. It Takes An Age To Dry

5 long hair problems


Long hair really does take hours to dry. If you washed your hair in the morning, the chances are there is still some slight dampness by lunchtime.

The Fix: One thing to try is to wash your hair the night before so you wake up with messy, beachy waves. If you hate sleeping on wet hair, then just flip on the cool air setting of your blow dryer and use your fingers to brush through them while blasting the air on it for a few minutes. It will speed up the drying process, leave you with smoother strands and you don’t have to worry about heat damage.

6. Long Hair Can Look Boring and Flat

If you have no layers your hair can look like a blanket and the length can weigh it down, making it look flat.

The Fix: You’ll need to visit your stylist to give you a fabulous layered do. You can have layers of whatever length – short or long – without compromising on the overall length of your hair. They definitely will bring plenty of shape and bounce to your hair. Check out some pretty haircut ideas for long hair here.


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19 May 2016

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