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10 Lipstick Commandments EVERY Girl Should Live By!

10 Lipstick Commandments EVERY Girl Should Live By!

Whoever invented lipstick was a genius as well as a saviour… Imagine how life would have been without our favourite lipsticks?! Oh, you can’t even imagine? We neither! Well, if you too love flaunting fabulous shades on your pout then you need to read these lipstick tips and rules that every girl should know about! Cheers to that perfect pucker!

1. Keep your pout soft and lipstick ready

1 lipstick tips

The most important rule is to have smooth, butter-soft lips. Make it a point to exfoliate and moisturize your lips on a regular basis as it will keep the surface skin healthy and your lipstick would just glide smoothly on your lips every time you apply it. Use a good lip scrub every week and be sure to invest in quality lip balms.

2. Quality matters…

Be it lipsticks or any other cosmetic product for that matter, always go for good quality products from trusted brands. Lot of research goes into formulating them, so they are a better bet than the ones from that might be affordable but harmful for your skin. You might have to shell out a bit more money for them but trust us, it’s worth it!

3. Base is important

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Base doesn’t just make your skin look better, but does wonders for your pout too. Use a lil’ bit of primer or foundation on your lips and then apply your lipstick. This is a super helpful trick to help the true colour of the lipstick show up on your lips.

4. Say no to too much bling

If you like all things glittery and shimmery then we have advice for you – over the top shimmer and bling can go horribly wrong when it comes to lipsticks. Opt for lipsticks that have just a tinch of subtle shimmer or just swipe a lip gloss over your lipstick to add a glossy finish. This will help you look classy and glam rather than OTT.

5. Shape them for definition

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Not all of us have well defined lips like Rihanna but why worry when there are lip liners! You can shape your lips with a lip liner to give it a more defined look. Most of us shy away from using lip liners but trust us, they can make a helluva difference to how amazing our lips look! You don’t have to use a lip liner every day, if you don’t want to – just keep it for the days when you feel like putting a lil’ bit more effort. Just make sure your lip liner matches your lipstick shade, you don’t want to look like a throwback to the 90s with too-dark lip liner.

6. Know your type

Sheer, matte or creamy…what suits you the best? Remember, glossy lipsticks can make your pout look fuller while mattes can make your lips look thinner. Not every kind of lipstick suits everyone – so you need to figure out what works for you like nothing else. Here’s all you need to know about all the various types of lipsticks to find your type.

7. The never-fail shades

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Every girl should have a lipstick squad that must consist of basic shades of bright, neutral and nudes. These colours should be your go-to lipsticks – the ones that you can wear without much thought and know that you’ll look great.

8. Follow the ‘finger’ trick

Lipstick stained teeth can ruin your entire look. So every time you apply lipstick, just pop your index finger in your mouth, gently wrap your lips around it and slowly slide it out. The excess lipstick on the inner corners will come right off on your finger instead of your teeth and you can flaunt that radiant smile without worrying about embarrassing lipstick stains!

9. Blend the brights

9 lipstick tips

Bright coloured lipsticks get a bit stark at times, so the solution is to blend the ends gently to soften the overall look. Be careful while you do this because even the slightest mistake can smudge it more than what’s needed. Moderation is the key; use a lipstick brush or a Q-tip to do it with utmost perfection.

10. Touch ups

Women with a perfect pout have a habit of reapplying their lipsticks whenever they feel it’s fading away. A few touch-ups (especially after a meal) will make sure that your lipstick looks fresh all day long. So never forget to stash your lipstick in your bag before heading out.

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30 Nov 2016

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