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Your Ultimate Guide To Lip Chalks & Why You Need One (Or More!) In Your Vanity

Your Ultimate Guide To Lip Chalks & Why You Need One (Or More!) In Your Vanity



A good lipstick, just by itself, has the potential to instantly glam up your look. Several women claim that it uplifts their mood too! Of course, we can’t disagree. Be it a lipstick, a lip tint or just your good ol’ lip balm – this is one makeup product that every woman has in her vanity in various colours and formulations. And what if we told you that we’ve found a new lip product that deserves all your attention and money?! Well, it’s called the lip chalk and it’s even better than it sounds. 

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Confused about what lip chalks are? Let us tell you all about them!



What Is A Lip Chalk?

Metallic Chalk


Practical, highly pigmented and amazing texture – these are the three words that describe lip chalks perfectly. Available in a bullet-like shape, not only are lip chalks compact but also easy-peasy to use. Thanks to its main ingredient tapioca starch (that helps in better shine control), lip chalks can absorb all the excess oil and give you that glamorous velvety touch. The best part: Most of them are multipurpose and can be used for lips, cheeks and eyes. Ain’t that great?


How To Use A Lip Chalk?

Lips chalks can be used directly on the skin or over your makeup! Sounds nice? Get yourself a lip chalk and follow our step-by-step guide on how to use it.
For lips: If you want to apply the lip chalk over your lipstick or lip balm, then apply the latter first and then layer your lips with the lip chalk evenly for an instant glam upgrade. 
For eyes: Apply an even layer of eye chalk across your eyelids or run it across your lash line to get a pretty eyeliner look. 
For cheeks: If you want to use them as a pigmented face chalk, then use your fingers to dab it on your cheeks to get a glowing, flushed look. Et voila! you got your multipurpose cheek tint and highlighter

Easy, right?

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Is A Lip Chalk Different From Lipstick?

Lip Chalk Vs Lipstick



As lip trends become more elaborate, products are being updated in the market to deliver the latest look. Whether it is the shimmering finish you’re after or just a dewy lustre, lip makeup is evolving, just like the innovation of lip chalks. 

We’ve got a buffet of options for decorating our pout, but talking about the difference between lipsticks and lip chalk, we would have to say that yes, they are different. 

Lipstick vs Lip Chalk At A Glance


1. Finish: 
Lipsticks come in various formulations- from metallic to matte. Lip chalks, on the other hand, give you a subtle shiny look. 

2. Where to Wear It:
Go with lipstick if you want a refined look, however, reach for a lip chalk if an understated subtle shine is what you’re looking for.  

3. Texture:
The texture of lipsticks and lip chalks is also different. While you can smoothly spread the chalk on your eyes, lips or cheeks, it might not be that easy with lipstick. 

4. Consistency: 
While lipsticks are primarily made of waxes and oils, the consistency of lip chalks is slightly different as their main ingredient is tapioca starch. 


The Best Lip Chalks To Buy Online

If you’ve read the article till here, we bet you too are intrigued by this new product. If you’re looking to buy one soon, don’t go any further. Here are some of the best lip chalks to choose from. 

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Ace designer Manish Malhotra turned up the glitz and glamour by launching the new-age (& affordable) metallic multipurpose chalks in five dynamic shades. They blend effortlessly, are paraben-free and suit all skin types. Just apply the chalk under or over any makeup product for that velvety metallic finish.

Copper Burn

This copper shade with a bronze undertone is perfect for all Indian skin tones. If you’re the one who wants to make her party makeup pop, Copper Burn is your colour.


Gold Touch


A sweep of the Manish Malhotra Metallic Chalk in Gold Touch gives you a stunning luminous glow. This one is a must-try!

Rose Radiance

Rose Radiance is a subtle pink shade with blue undertones that’ll add just the right amount of colour to your lips. It’s almost like natural, but better! 

Violet Rush

The Manish Malhotra Metallic Chalk Violet Rush is a shade of purple that will make you ramp ready! So if bold is your second name, this one should totally be your pick. 

Scarlet Siren

The Manish Malhotra Metallic Chalk in Scarlet Siren is a red shade with pink undertones. Just add a tiny dash of this chalk to your look, and voila, you have yourselves a glamorous look.


A perfectly coloured pout is just what you need to make a statement. In fact, it is your lipstick that ultimately ties your makeup look together. So while you’ve tried out every other new lip product in the market, it’s now time to give lip chalks your attention. They are multipurpose and an all-rounder product to carry in your handbag. Let us know which shade are you buying first!

Featured Image: MyGlamm

10 Sep 2020

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