LED Light Therapy Is The New ‘It’ Skincare Trend, But Is It Safe To Use?

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Feb 24, 2021
LED Light Therapy Is The New ‘It’ Skincare Trend, But Is It Safe To Use?


We’ve all been there when we’ve been scrambling to find products that will help with pesky breakouts or those that will soothe inflamed skin or a miraculous one that will help with unwanted pigmentation. However, even though so many products in the market claim to have such wondrous results, only a few actually make the cut. 

Today, we’re talking about LED mask therapy that everyone on Instagram including Deepika Padukone is completely in love with. While they look kind of scary and creepy, they are actually great for people with acne-prone and dull skin to give them a radiance boost. 


What Are LED Light Masks?

LED technology has actually been around for many decades and is used by dermatologists as an in-office treatment to help with inflammations after facials, to minimize breakouts, and to help with skin glow. It gives your skin a collagen boost which helps reverse signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines while also speeding up skin healing.

Now, these light treatments have become so popular that companies have started making plastic LED masks for sale to be used at home. However, only continuous and regular use of these masks will yield results. You must apply it for at least half an hour over any area for it to work its magic. Even if on their own they aren’t that effective, they’re perfect for maintenance between laser treatment sessions and work well when used alongside topical creams. 

How Does LED Light Therapy Work?

So basically, LED Light Therapy uses colour wavelengths to tackle specific skin concerns like aging, damaged cells, acne, etc. It helps with cell repair and rejuvenation in the skin and which kills acne-causing bacteria and helps in giving it a youthful and radiant look. It also provides a boost of collagen and elastin which accelerates tissue repair. 


What Types Of LED Lights Are There?

As we mentioned above, these masks use colour wavelengths to improve your skin health but different colours have different benefits. Here are the ones you can use for your specific concern:

Blue Light

Blue light is perfect for acne treatment because it reduces oil production and prevents future breakouts. So, if you want to maintain the healthy pH balance of your skin, this is your best bet.


Near Infra Red Light

This is one of the most deeply absorbed wavelengths and increases the absorption rate in the skin, smoothens out wrinkles and lines. It improves skin elasticity and accelerates wound healing. It’s even the one to pick for healing cystic acne.


Red Light

If your skin is feeling parched, this one gives a boost of hydration, it reduces inflammation and redness. It also reduces the appearance of pores, regulates oil production, improves circulation, and helps with skin cell repair. 


Are LED Light Masks Safe?

So, LED masks are actually very low on energy and are thus extremely safe. The ones we use at home are not as strong as the ones available at clinics and so require consistent use for a prolonged period of time. However, the reasons why you may be thinking of buying LED light masks actually requires medical attention. If you are suffering from things like acne and rosacea, visiting a doctor is advised. The LED therapy they do there is of course administered and monitored carefully and with the proper equipment so is much safer.


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Now here’s a reminder, if you are facing skin challenges like prolonged dull skin and acne, it is important that you go visit a dermatologist. Some of these LED light masks are super expensive so before making the investment it is best if you consult a doctor. 

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