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Lara Jean’s Outfits Are The Best Part Of The Sequel & Here’s How You Can Get Them For Less

Lara Jean’s Outfits Are The Best Part Of The Sequel & Here’s How You Can Get Them For Less

For the moon never beams, without bringing me dreams
Of the beautiful Lara Jean
And the stars never rise, but I feel the bright eyes
Of the beautiful Lara Jean

If you know this poem, you know that Peter Kavinsky loves Lara Jean Covey, and that’s all you need to know because we know you’re #TeamPeter! To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You released around Valentine’s Day last week. While it wasn’t as good as the prequel, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, no maai ka laal could stop me from falling in love with John Ambrose‘s million-dollar smile and Lara Jean’s million-dollar closet.

Now, I don’t mean price-wise. In fact, the majority of Lara Jean’s clothes this time were from Zara and other affordable luxury brands! But it’s the style that was worth a million!


Lara Jean had kind of a style revamp this time around. She went from minimal to maximal in the same outfit and she did it effortlessly. I’ll tell you how soon. She wore more solids, retro hairbands, collared necklines and played with textures while keeping her love for that iconic red duffle coat intact. Take away her love letters, but you can’t separate vintage and Covey.

Her mood reflected through her fashion choices and also her cereal. Did you notice how her breakfast changed from colourful fruitloops to boring corn puffs after the #Covinsky breakup? Sorry, that was a major spoiler! But that was quite relatable for me.

10 Lara Jean Looks From To All The Boys 2: Breakdown

Here are all the iconic Lara Jean looks from the sequel along with some of my favourites. Each one decoded with tips on how you can recreate them for different occasions. Of course, there are shop links to #GetTheLook. Read on!

P.S. I Still Love Red For Date Night

lara jean in red dress on first date


Harlow Bow-detailed Cloqué Mini Dress by Rebecca Vallance
Price: $425 (approx. Rs 30,000)

Red for special occasions like date night is a classic, not a cliché, and I will fight whoever says otherwise. Lara Jean wore a red dress for her first date ever, and she couldn’t have picked a more perfect outfit for the occasion.

P.S. I Still Love To Dress Cute With Pink

lara jean baby pink coat


lara jean skirt and top look on volunteer day


Coat: Double-breasted Coat by Zara ($129 approx. Rs 9,000)
Top: Babaton Gonzalo T-shirt by Aritzia ($ 35 approx. Rs 2,500)
Hairband: Tijuana Tie-back Headband by Urban Outfitters ($12 approx. Rs 850)

Cute, feminine, ultra-chic, there is so much that pinks have to offer. While monotoning in a blush pink top with a matching overcoat and beige skirt, Lara Jean chose to ‘make’ the look with a bright yellow hairband and we love it. Perfect for a casual outing, isn’t this look?

P.S. I Still Love Oversized Hoodies

lara jean in yellow hoodie with kitty


Who doesn’t like to chill at home in comfy sweats without pants? Well, not Lara Jean! And even then, her choice is a vibrant colour like yellow. Take cues from Covey and go for oversized hoodies that can double as breezy loungewear or a dress.

P.S. I Still Love To Layer Up With Stockings

when lara jean met john ambrose


Plaid Tweed Shorts by Zara
Price: $39.90 (approx. Rs 2,800)

When LJ stepped out wearing her signature red coat with tweed shorts and stockings, I got a major Rachel Green flashback. She paired the shorts with a lighter grey sweater revealing the embellished collar of a pink shirt that she wore underneath. Girls, take a cue here on winter layering.

P.S. I Still Love Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve

lara jean's valentine's day dress


lara jean valentine's day scene in to all the boys 2


Dress: Morgan String of Hearts Silk Dress by HVN ($725 approx. Rs 50,000)
Shoes: Heeled Oxfords by Gravitypope ($139 approx. Rs 10,000)

In this film, Lara Jean blessed us with many looks that are going to be hard to forget, and her dress for Valentine’s Day is definitely it! She wore a baby pink dress with red hearts printed all over and completed the look with matching oxfords and Alice hairband. So romantic! Psst… did you notice the relaxed collar on this dress too?

P.S. I Still Love Cut-Sleeves Sweaters

lara jean reads her love letter to john ambrose


A cut-sleeves sweater is actually bloody brilliant! It’s the perfect solution for in-between weather as it keeps you warm but not suffocating-warm. It makes layering fun, not bulky. And it looks super chic! Covey here has done an excellent (read effortless) job at upscaling the blue jeans and white shirt combination with a popping mustard number. Knitted cami tops are also hot in trend if cut-sleeves ain’t your calling.

P.S. I Still Love Cheerleader Lara Jean

lara jean dressed as cheerleader for peter kavinsky


This moment is when Lara Jean was her most confident and secure self in the entire film and her outfit reflects that. She came to be a cheerleader for PK and cheerful I felt. Have an old varsity tee that you’re not using anymore? Upgrade it the ‘Covey-way’ and turn a basic OOTD into a BOMB!

P.S. I Still Love Greys Too

lara jean after breakup with peter kavinsky


Engraved Swirl Oval Heart Locket by Vixen Jewelry
Price: $15.95 (approx. Rs 1,100)

It’s ironic that the locket PK had gifted to LJ on Valentine’s Day got the maximum attention after they had broken up, thanks to this solid grey sweater. Again, sorry for the spoiler! We don’t know what she paired it with but definitely conveyed the emotions inside. There are so many levels to grey.

P.S. I Still Love Colour Blocking When I Can

lara jean calls gen to the tree house


Colour Block Hoodie by Scotch & Soda
Price: $135 (approx. Rs 9,600)

Here’s an LJ-approved way to make black tights unboring but weather-friendly at the same time–a colourblocked hoodie! On the days when there’s nothing to wear, colour blocking will come in handy to up your game.

P.S. I Still Love Tulle To The Moon & Back

lara jean seagreen gown at the end


Gown: Strapless Tiered Tulle Gown by J. Mendel ($7,790 approx. Rs 5,57,000)
Red Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury in Carina’s Love ($34 approx. Rs 2,400)

For the Star Ball, an Old Hollywood-meets-70s disco gala, Lara Jean trusted the wise Stormy to dress her up. Kissing the wrong boy later, the world order was finally restored. And call me a romantic but I believe this gorgeous gown, which was perfect for the theme, had some role to play in it too. Vintage confections are a beaut!

Did you know the ruffled gown in seafoam green from J. Mendel’s Spring 2019 runway was customised for Lana Condor (Lara Jean Covey)? The bottom tier was removed was modified as off-shoulder sleeves as Lana wasn’t comfortable with the strapless neckline.

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Tulle intentions. @gillesmendel #JMendel #Spring19

A post shared by J. Mendel (@j_mendel) on Mar 26, 2019 at 12:59pm PDT

2020 is now going to be all about Lara Jean-approved style and that too on a budget! Thank me in the comment section, would ya?

Featured Image: Instagram

18 Feb 2020

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