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#HoneymoonDiaries: This Pretty Resort In Rajasthan Is Perfect For That Romantic Escapade!

Manvi MalhotraManvi Malhotra  |  Dec 8, 2017
#HoneymoonDiaries: This Pretty Resort In Rajasthan Is Perfect For That Romantic Escapade!


Whenever someone says *honeymoon*, there are just three things that come to mind – an exotic location, sex and lots of cuddles. And we have to admit, we totally agree with that! But well, that’s not true for everyone. There are couples who prefer to shop on their honeymoon, there are the adventurous kinds and then there is the laid back, chill AF couple. If the last kind got your attention,then well, this resort is just for YOU. If you are getting married soon and want to experience something tranquil and unique with your husband rather than just hopping here and there, then the Lakshman Sagar resort in Raipur is going to be your heaven. It’s perfect in more ways than one. Complete with a peaceful setting – lakes, mountains and a regal feel, this is where you will make memories of a lifetime.

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First things first

Where: Raipur Road, Near Haripur Railway Station, District Pali, Rajasthan – 306304

Cost: Starts at Rs 12,000 per night

Best time to visit: November to January

Additional information: It stays closed from May to July because of excessive heat.

Even during winters, the afternoons here can get pretty hot. So make sure you carry a good sunscreen. You can get the Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Matte Gel With SPF 50 on Amazon for Rs 289.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let us tell you all about the beauty that Lakshman Sagar, and why we think it’s so special and a perfect honeymoon destination.

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Built in the late 19th century as a hunting lodge by the then Thakur of Raipur, Lakshman Singh, this resort in Raipur has managed to retain its regal charm throughout the years. Taken over by Sewara Hospitality, the rustic lodge has now been given a slightly modern makeover as far as the interiors are concerned, but from the outside, it remains the same.

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Surrounded by a natural lake, this tranquil resort is perfect for a mini honeymoon or for couples who do not want to travel far. And it’s not just about the idyllic setting. Lakshman Sagar offers a number of exciting activities inside and around the premises to keep you entertained throughout your stay. We’re telling you, it’s the best place to go for your honeymoon.

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Here are some ideas to take some cutesy pictures when on your honeymoon!

They have stargazing nights, barbeques by the pool, village tours, trips to nearby forts, local liquor tasting and even vegetable harvesting. We’re telling you, it’s a complete package!

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Coming to the property, the Lakshman Sagar resort is divided into two clusters, with six cottages of 900 sq ft on either sides of the natural lake. The rooms have not been redesigned, and so have taken to the the contours of the hills they are located on. All of them are nestled in the natural topography of the land and thus are similar, but not identical to each other. Though they might look similar, they all have a unique story to tell. If you’re someone who is obsessed with history and culture, then this place is your temple. And there really is no better place than a quiet one to go on your honeymoon to. We’re in love with this resort in Raipur!

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And now for the most AMAZING part. Each cottage here opens into a *private* splash pool overlooking the lake. We’re not even kidding, see for yourself! The pools too have been carved into the natural topography in a way that they seem to be emerging from within the hill itself.

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But you don’t just need a swinmuit if you’re going for your honeymoon. You need a whole lot of other pretty clothes for your honeymoon too. Read what all you need to take with you here!

After looking at the pictures of this resort in Rajasthan and reading about it extensively, there is only one thing we can say. Our India is truly incredible!!! So, planning your honeymoon (first, second or third) anytime soon?