Kylie Jenner’s Futuristic Makeup Look Is So 2030 & We’re Totally Here For It!

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Mar 10, 2021
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Kylie Jenner is the ultimate kween of the beauty world and there’s no denying it. Be it her bold lipstick looks, her extra-long nail extensions, or her colourful wigs, she’s always busy setting the next beauty trend. As fans, of course, we’re glued to her social media to see what is new.

Ever since she launched her eponymous makeup brand in 2016, she has been giving us major #BeautyGoals and her latest look is hella futuristic. Let’s check it out.

Kylie Jenner’s Futuristic Makeup


Kylie never fails to surprise her with her makeup looks. But you gotta admit, this is unlike anything we’ve seen from her, right? So, let’s try to decode this masterpiece below!

What’s That Base?


Kylie is mad about mattes! From her lips to her lids- she’s barely seen without her fair share of matte makeup products. And her makeup base? Yup, it’s matte AF! And here’s how you can perfect it too: 

– Use a hydrating primer on your face followed by a matte foundation. If required, use a concealer to hide facial blemishes and then blend everything in using a damp beauty sponge.

– Next, use a contouring stick to carve out your cheeks, and then apply bronzer. Use it on your forehead, cheeks, and even jawline for a sculpted look.

– Next, use translucent powder under your eyes, the cheek area under your ‘contour line’, and keep it there for about 5-7 minutes. Yup, we’re baking today!

– Once done, brush off the powder and apply blush. Pick out a bright pink blush but instead of restricting it to the apples of your cheeks, apply it towards your eyes- exactly how you use your highlighter- you’ll look snatched!

Let’s Talk About Those Glittery Lids


Let’s be honest, Kylie’s eye makeup is the real MVP of this entire look.

– The first and foremost step is to prime your lids. Then take a dark terracotta shade and apply it all over your lids, up to your brows. Next, take your concealer and cut your crease. Then apply a light brown shade on it. This will give you a very nice dark to light ombre transition look.

– Next, take a dark kohl pencil (black or brown) and carefully draw a faint line on your crease. Then take a white or a silver liquid eyeliner and draw a very thin line on the outer edge.

– Now it’s time to add the dainty details on your lids. Either take large chunks of loose glitter pigments and stick them on your lids using eyeshadow glue and tweezers or stick some loose glitter. The idea is to add a sparkly touch and it doesn’t matter what kind of product you use!

– Once you’re satisfied with how it turns out, do a winged liner at the end and make sure it looks as if it’s touching your silver liner.

– Finally, you can just use your fave brow product to fill your eyebrows in. However, if you wish to walk the extra mile, then you can carve out your brows by drawing a thick line using a concealer and then dabbing it away. But make sure you do this as the first step of your makeup routine!

Look At Those Voluptuous Lips!


Kylie’s pout is a thing of beauty so let’s try to recreate it at home with a lipliner.

Take a nude lip liner and instead of outlining your lips, overdraw them. Then fill them with the lip liner itself but leave some space bare in the middle. After that, take a demi-matte lipstick and apply it all over your lips for a gorgeous pout.

That’s it, you’re done.


Just don’t forget to seal your ‘futuristic’ makeup masterpiece using a setting spray!

Featured Image: Instagram