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11 K-Beauty Trends That Are Bound To Blow Up In 2023

11 K-Beauty Trends That Are Bound To Blow Up In 2023

No hyperbole here: Korean beauty has revolutionised the way we think about our skincare and makeup, forever. And we are not complaining! For years, the beauty world has considered Korean skincare to be the gold standard of quality and efficacy. Today, we live in a time when we simply can’t think about living in a world where K-beauty doesn’t exist. So, if there comes a time when we must shift to Mars, we’ll carry out Korean sheet masks along. While 2021 saw a range of K-beauty trends exploding in popularity. Think cloud skin, LED face masks, mirror skin, and whatnot. The Korean beauty trends for 2023 sure look brighter!

As we navigate our way through 2023 – and start thinking about those all-important new year’s resolutions – there’s never been a better time to incorporate new K-beauty trends into our routines. Step into 2023 with these Korean beauty trends listed below, and we bet your new year will shine just as bright as you. From fermented tea and Kombucha to the even more unlikely red onion, keep scrolling for the K-beauty trends tipped to take over in 2023.

The Biggest K-Beauty Trends We’ll All Be Hooked On In 2023

A Revival Of Vitamin A Beauty Products

Vitamin A will continue to have its time underneath the Sun. We are expecting to see more Korean brands release retinol/retinal products in 2023. 

Unconventional Plant-Based Ingredients

2023 is going to see a lot more retinol-based skincare and more unexpected findings on plant extracts that turn out to have beneficial properties, like red onion. In addition to that, there’s going to be increased awareness around sustainable packaging and beauty movements. 


Fermented Ingredients FTW!

As we are gravitating toward sustainable packaging and vegan-friendly products, it appears that the market is moving away from sheet masks due to their single-use consumption, and more towards wash-off masks. Products featuring fermented ingredients known for their anti-aging properties as well will be hogging the spotlight, such as kombucha and fermented tea.

Multi-Use Products To Save Time & Money

There’s going to be a big shift towards simplifying routines. Any product that not only pampers the skin but also saves time at the sink seems to be the new darlings. 

Efficacious Skincare Products

Products formulated with powerhouse ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, and AHA/BHAs would be the highlight of the year. Multi-purpose yet efficacious skincare that targets different skin needs like skin brightening, anti-aging, fewer breakouts, and skin smoothing would be ‘it’ for 2023. 

At-Home High-Tech Beauty

At-home beauty tech innovations such as ultrasonic facial cleansers and full-face LED masks are going to see a surge in popularity. That said, your next beauty product from Korea could come not from your typical Korean skincare brand, but a Korean tech giant, such as Samsung or LG. 


A Renewed Focus On Innovation & Sustainability

We believe that Korean beauty trends will focus on innovative ways for ingredients to be absorbed into the skin through melt-tech. On top of that, we are going to see continued innovation in sustainable ingredients and packaging, including compostable packaging for single-use items.

The Healthy Glow

The pursuit of a healthy glow is ever popular. Focusing on skin health and being confident in your own skin is one of the main trends in Korean beauty. Forget glass skin, opt for a simple routine with hydrating and brightening ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and propolis. 

The Rise Of Mask-Friendly Beauty Products

There are going to be more skincare products to treat maskne and make-up that is long-lasting and can be used while wearing a face mask, like cushion-foundation that transfers less or transfer-proof lippies. 

An Upsurge Of Active Ingredient Launches

Repairing the skin barrier and managing sensitive skin is going to be a major trend. Delivering active skin ingredients while keeping skin dewy will be big for 2023. 


It’s time to level up your skincare game!

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01 Feb 2022

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